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  1. Over this time TMP has been doing great events for us players. Making the community grow and above all creating a new way of seeing the game. The reason for opening this post is, what do you think of the idea of us players combining among everyone and organizing an event in honor of TMP? We could ask for a TMP server to make the event! What do you think of the idea?
  2. We are all looking forward to the new DLC, I hope that the roads are very complicated as it is in Russia and when the winter mod arrives they will be snow and ice About launching this year! Maybe it is, but I doubt it, I bet more for March 2022. When that happens, we'll be playing in Iberica with your updates.
  3. One more update, congratulations to the entire TMP team for being so quick to release the MP version. What can we say about this update!!!!! +1 point for SCS, with online version c mods. I will continue to be a TMP player, that's where I learned to Playing, when there was any doubt about the problem there was always someone from TMP to help. There may be many players who have gone through the same, and are now turning their backs on TMP.
  4. what can we say. now TMP has SCS to compete, before there was only TMP and if you want to play MP it was TMP. Now you have SCS and it's still in its early stages and it's pretty cool If SCS decides to enter the MP with large servers, it will be much worse for TMP. But the most serious thing is the base of TMP is SCS they create the maps. If one day SCS arrives at TMP and says they can't use their map, then it's much worse.
  5. Thank you in advance for the reply. I have the same opinion, it's 500km where anything can happen, but since the last update on this road it's gotten a little better but just a little bit. You will go down in TMP history as the busiest road ever.
  6. Many call it the road of death. It's probably the busiest road on the entire ETS. I wonder why? What is the reason why so many players make that road. What is your opinion.
  7. DAfter many opinions from various players and the TMP team we came to the conclusion that. - There is no war between TMP and SCS. -Right now we have full-time and paid developers. Conclusion: The opening of SCS was good for all TMP players, we are getting more updates and faster on the other hand we are getting fewer players. It's competition law.
  8. Owner of a VTC, IMPT is a Portuguese VTC where game value is above all.
  9. Well after reading some reviews I find abuse in my setup. G29 + Scania gearbox. Box panel with 24 buttons. 2 -10 inch tablet with dashboard.
  10.  Volvo 


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  11. Thanks for your comment. Now I ask a question why is it only now that TMP has developers? TMP has been around for a long time. And because we just started getting more updates faster since SCS opened. Here are the questions.
  12. Thanks for the comment. Until recently I had never played on SCS MP and what I saw in the mod scene is pretty top. Let's see which Involution will make the SCS.
  13. Thank you very much for the comments in advance. I'm of the same opinion as you, as long as it's a healthy discussion and doesn't offend anyone We can draw many conclusions, I am of the opinion if TMP listens to its players it can make the online mode much better and captivate more players.
  14. thanks for your comment. I've been playing ETS in multiplayer mode for some time now and I've never seen so many updates on TMP since opening the SCS MP. I wonder why? Let's not forget that the intent of SCS. It's opening servers with more players.
  15. Thank you for your opinion. A healthy discussion is good, all of us players who spend hours playing MP have a better idea of what is good and bad, and how we can call more players to TMP. Because right now there is an open war between TMP and SCS.
  16. There are currently 2 platforms to play ETS/ATS online. In your opinion, what are the negative and positive points of each of them? Let's exchange ideas in an orderly way.


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  18. Good Morning . Each one pulls the embers for their sardines is a popular Portuguese saying. For me it should be as central as possible in Europe for everyone to be satisfied, maybe to the Sides of France.
  19. A great weekend for everyone.

    Good km and above all have fun with the game. 😀

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      Thank you! Enjoy your weekend as well & keep safe :)!

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      Thx you have a great weekend too 🙂

  20. Good morning everybody. Yes, we can say that it is a good group, we can know all the news about TMP there. Regarding trains, it is easier to see on Facebook when there is a train than on TMP, in my opinion. Maybe opening a Facebook section with only event announcements might be an idea to think about.
  21. Joining the moderation team is never easy, there are many requirements but keep trying, maybe one day you will be able to fulfill your dream.
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