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  1. Thank you for the follow!

  2. TOP.

    GCEE Team - TMP 


  3. Driving school!!!!!! It is not even badly thought, but making it happen would be very difficult and would also put the TMP team in a lot of effort. We also see every bad driver in the MP until we stand with our mouths open. Many of the reports are made by the players who did not follow the rules.
  4. It was top, now there is a waiting time for the MP.
  5. And why not trucks at the same trailers every 15 days. While creating events for those same trucks and trailers I am in a group that we organize trains in Portugal and Brazil and use the car to control it.
  6. GCEE team...

    Convoy Control Manager 

    Media Team 


  7. RICKY9618


    Exactly the problem is not mine but the server's, if my problem was the same would happen on the other servers. I think the server can't handle the number of players.
  8. RICKY9618


    What's up with server 1? He always falls and reconnects, in a 500 km trip he falls 5 to 6 times.
  9. I love recording through Medal, a great program to set the time of the videos. And their quality is top.
  10. Welcome to Portugal ...


    1. wesleyr99


      VERY GOOD 👍

  11. Great event congratulations to the entire TMP team.

  12. Thanks You So Much For Follow ❤️ 

  13. many congratulations tuna, continuation of good work.💪

  14. Good morning, I wish all the new moderators very good luck. 

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