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  1. Nice guide it's work for me. Thank you.
  2. That's very nice guide. Thank you and have a good day .
  3. Rica ederim <3. İyi günler.
  4. For all Turkish player 19 May Youth and Sports Day be nice 

  5. That was so nice. I am so glad to happy for winners <3
  6. Teşekkürler <3 Senin için onu da denedim şimdi postluyorum Siyah Beyaz sevenlere özel
  7. Have a nice day everyone. <3

    1. Silent Death_53

      Silent Death_53

      Have a nice day! 

  8. Merhaba @Suleyman.53, En kısa zamanda uyarınızı dikkate alıp fotoğraf ekleyeceğim ilginiz için teşekkürler. En iyi dileklerimle.
  9. Hello @TheDogHouseLIVE, Yes i agree with u 20 helpful post a little complicated everyone wants to help so the help section in forum too active. Maybe you can try discussion and suggestion sections. You can posts these sections and it will be helpful posts probably. King Regards.
  10. I was join at this platform in 2017 and i am glad for that. THX<3
  11. Thats great. We'll see events like that. Good job.
  12. Survey is a good idea. Thx for you. <3
  13. Hey everyone,
    I am new at here. Please come help. I don't know how to doing right now. :)

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