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  1. No, I won't use him. It's so boring. I always drive with music so that I don't get sleepy.
  2. 很好的活动,有时间的话。一定参加
  3. I hate Skoda because driving this kind of car in the game is a lot of trouble. It's unruly.
  4. DAF and Scania's DLC are very good, looking forward to Volvo's DLC and Oman's DLC.
  5. I like driving in Norway and Italy best.
  6. Don't give in to such people. Open the video and report it on the website.
  7. Now only the MAN TGX Euro6 can be used online. This paint
  8. Norway, where the scenery is really beautiful, and many people on the Calais-Duisburg trail can see many interesting things happen.
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