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    My biggest interest is trucks - As in i would love to make a miniature world in 1:87 scale
    Playing games with my friends :)
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    Denmark: København
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    Danish, English, Hungarian, German

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Community Answers

About Me

【 Hello everyone Here is facts about me, if you wish to read.

【 Speaking languages】:  English, Danish. 『 German + Hungarian --> Few words 』
【 Games i like to play】:  Euro Truck Simulator 2 , Grand Theft Auto & Saint Row 2
【 Liking food】: Spaghetti bolognese on pizza (And without pizza). 
【 Liking music】: My fav-music at the moment is probably Moi... Lolita Alizee (Live)
【 Liking fastfood】: KFC and mAx 
【 My dream】: My biggest dreams is to discover the world and be a worldwide trucker.
【 School/Work】: Education 
【 Free time】: IIn my free time, i do play at computer, being with my family.
【 Liking-reality-shows】: Eurovision Song Contest, Melody Grand Prix (Danish), Politi Jagt (Police chase)
【 TruckersMP Dream】: One of my biggest dreams within TruckersMP, would be being part of TruckersMP Staff team, drive around the TMP servers with AI vehicles,
【 Future projects?】: I do have few projects in mind, hopefully these would be a thing
【 Favourite streaming services】: Netflix, viaplay and Disney+
【Fav-Animated series?】: Avatar (Last airbender) , Legend of Korra , Phineas and Ferb
【Fav-country?】: It would be Spain or Turkey
【Which countries do you wanna visit?】: USA, China, Japan, France, Spain, Turkey and few other countries.
【Holiday plans?】: That is simple. - Expect i am less online at July every year. - The end of June do apply too - except this year

Any questions? Feel free to ask

Edited 28.9.2023 (9.28.2023)

【More coming soon】:

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