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  1. I know we so far have 1 very nice project coming very close. (Dbus). But how many amazing "big" projects do you think we getting this year? (Weeks/months project) Will it be 2? Or 10? More or less? - I am not looking after name of the projects, only number of maybe coming big contents this year, you developers have in mind for now. (I know there may come other big project plans sooner or later) I hope this don't break the rules of the Q&A - But yeah, would be cool if it could be answered And i don't have hopes to high for that Anyway, keep it up the good work❤ Kind Regards, ChristmarDK
  2. Do you even read what we saying to you?? After Budapest you are supposed to find a city with the letter T (example : Tokyo , Thomton or Toronto) And Venise is not Starting with the letter T Anyway, i continue from Budapest.. Takeo
  3. Well, really? My end letter is not B .. Anyway.. Next city is : Alanya
  4. @CARLOSB1905 What have that to do with city names and the rules of the game? Aspach
  5. Hello Addon team, would it be possible we get allowed to change more in the car cabin in the future? Example: Bag at the seat beside you ? Also do you think we get allowed to change outside also such as tag box over the skoda?
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