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  1. Firstly, the speed limit change was for the interest of the player base, and we have to understand that this is still a video game. So, you can expect that everything won't be fully in line with 'Simulation'. Secondly, C-D isn't an actual road - it was created by SCS, like many other roads. TruckersMP have nothing to do with the creation of the map, they only made these form of edits to help ease traffic on busy roads. If the map was on a full real life scale then the map would be much larger. That's why there's a mod called Promods, which attempts to make the map realistic.
  2. As with a lot of things in life, things take time. You can't just plant a tree sapling one day and expect it to be fully grown the next. As for the data, there can be many reasons for the changes - such as holidays, strikes, global events, etc... so you will never have a constant flow of data. As for the offences remaining the same, it doesn't really matter because, at the end of the day, the players who choose to break TMP rules will be punished accordingly. As for the evaders, the only time they are wasting is their own because the moderation team have their own special tools to catch them.
  3. Understandably, you are being sarcastic (or at least, I think you are) but I'd like to use your comment to make a point to those who believe in this idea. Turning an area of road this large will essentially ruin the feel of a simulation server - it might as well be another Arcade server. However, the point is, even if the developers removed this road, the player base will find another stretch of read and that will end up being the new Calais to Duisburg. Many veteran members of this community will tell you that C-D wasn't always the most famous road, and this proves that it doesn't matter what stretch of road it is, if enough players drive on it, it will inevitably get popular. So I ask you this, if the developers do make C-D a non-collision area and then the player base decides to make another road the new 'C-D', do we make that a non-collision area as well? If we do, then in time, the majority of the map will be non-collision. I fail to see what the issue of this new update is. If anything, it means the Game Moderator can 'moderate' the servers with more ease, and it's obvious the reason why GMs do web reports is so they can help fellow colleagues, and report moderators. Now it's not all the player base that does this but a portion of them enjoy driving on roads like this to rank up *report points*, as if it's some kind of game because eventually a player will have some accident with them - leaving the frequent road user screaming "rec ban". Then low and behold, you have reports flying in from all directions which puts a lot of stress on the Moderation team. It's as simple as this: Fewer web reports = Flexibility to GMs = More in-game reports being viewed. It also means that there will be fewer web reports since the GM could've already reviewed the report in-game.
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