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  1. Thank you all for the help! i found somewhere on google to resolve this problem (i know its really weird) but atleast it works for me! If you have a NVDIA graphic card. Go to your desktop and click "NVDIA Control Panel" Then go you to settings and click Power Mode to Adaptive. This worked for me!
  2. Hey Asir! Thanks for you're quick reply This is not a Ethernet problem, i have a good connection. I took a look on the Troubleshoot post, but i cant find my problem. if you want i can make a video quick for you. Best kinds, Tim
  3. Hi Community, Thanks for reading this topic! Since this week i have lots of trouble with lagg, its soo annoying. I know its not my computer for sure. Since it runned ETS 2 always good. But now with everything i do my game freezes for arround 10secs and then continue. For example im loading in and choose what server i want to join after that click my game freezes for couple seconds and then the mouse click has an action. Aswell with driving it freezes, and then i get kicked for "unreliable connection" Im getting really frustrated. Can please someoene help me. (This problem does aswell occur on singeplayer) Best kinds, Tim PC specs : i5-4440 16GB Ram DDR3 GTX 970
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