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  1. I agree with OP, there should be no speed limit. Every player should be responsible for his/her own actions. If they choose to go faster than the speed limit and they should crash, then they will suffer the consequences of their own actions. All that limiting the speed does is just slow people down, and essentially, attempts to hold the player back from "reckless driving", all based off of the whole "speed kills" mantra. When in actuality, it is not speed that causes the crashes because the majority of crashes really happen in and around the city, particularly in crowded areas. In my opinion, they should remove collisions from the simulation server because if it was as "realistic" as the devs try to make out, then there wouldn't be ANY crashes in the first place. Meanwhile, in the arcade server it would make sense to have the players be able to crash into one another because it is "arcade" and not "realistic". People wouldn't be asking for higher speed limits if they would stop messing around with the servers.
  2. Before the updates, it was a fun, challenging and rewarding ets2 mod that you could play with friends. Now we have a communist dictatorship.
  3. This is a much needed addition, it would make the whole look and feel of the game more realistic than just having Skodas driving everywhere. +1
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