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  1. Sorry, but i disagree. It's a multyplayer, so i like meet other people. As i said, i avoid areas where my pc crash but i like to stay with other people (server 2 for example). Problems are because some players are dumb and use ETS2 as a crash simulator or to create trouble the to others. Some guys are amazing. Other definitely not. Anyway: Umphh ! It's better that i shut my "mouth". It's raining in the last days! Poor my truck... They are raining shots, but they are raining bans I understand, I must put my soul in peace. All that is inevitable.
  2. I usually avoid Calais - Duisburg because my framerate die when i have over 80-90 trucks on the radar. I don't wanna be annoying to the others players. I like meet people but in "the right number" Anyway, today was hell: hits anywhere and everywhere. 5 travel completely destroyed. And report list become bigger every day (6 in the last 2 days, but just because i want to play and not upload videos for admins... otherwise they would have been...).
  3. Well, not the same guy , in this case he would have been a stalker, not a cheater! Anyway, write here has worked: for about 2 weeks i have had peaceful travels. Except 2 days ago: 2 report but maybe i should have report 20-30 players.
  4. Usually i have no framerate problems but in some situations (city goal for events or Calais, days with internet problems) it happens. I agree with you, if franerate were to low normally, i wouldn't play.
  5. Today it happened to me: close to Koln, a lot of truck. My speed was 50 km/h but pc frozen suddenly close to a crosslight. Was green but, when i passed on, it become yellow or red (i don't know exactly, to much lag in that moment). So i hit a car and it was my fault. If framerate drop very fast, is very easy hit people, i don't think is an excuse but is also very easy understand if is true or not.
  6. I drive in EU2 usually (but not through the event, was impossible for my pc). I want to buy dlc (i'm curious the see other city in Italy) but i'm afraid by this situation: i don't want play in singleplayer because there's a lot of nice guys here but i feel a big frustration in crash every 50-60km for nothing, loosing works and time.
  7. "C - D roads" what mean? No highway? Anyway it's so frustrating, i'm playng relaxed and someone crash on me without reason. Ok, someone just make a mistake and ask sorry (i understand) but some people do it voluntarily; what is the sense in doing this? it's not funny.
  8. Hi guys, as topic: how many times are you hit during a transport? Exactly: in a travel of 600-700 km average, respecting speed limit and in areas with no high traffic (no Calais for example) ? I'm very curious; i'm getting hit about 6-7 times (and 2-3 viciously). You?
  9. Completely agree with you. When people hit me with intentions i report istantly. If people hit me for a mistake it's not a problem (often ask me sorry and it was clear that there was no intention). Simply be nice and no one report you.
  10. Diana24

    Be careful while recording...

    I'm recording but just for my safety: in the last week, too many players hit me voluntarily and it's very annoying. But never i stop in the middle of the lane or in a dangerous place to have /pinfo or something like that. And maybe you sould not to go to 150 km/h, it's wrong the same.