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  1. Of course I stop when there's trafic and I have red light. But when nobody in city it's useless then I don't stop
  2. kubb

    Radio Stations

    I like to listen my music or our local radio in Slovakia :D
  3. kubb

    Germany Rework

    I like it hope they will rework whole Europe or atleast half of europe
  4. kubb

    Who wants vans?

    I think we dont need vans Cars and trucks is ok after all you still should drive only with truck
  5. kubb

    coca-cola trailer

    I don't know how in your country in mine this truck with coca-cola trailer is every year on tour across the country
  6. kubb


    I am reporting only in game dude
  7. kubb


    Ez report and ez ban if they had police skin
  8. kubb

    coca-cola trailer

    What you think, should they add coca-cola trailer to the game at the december or christmas times? I think it could be cool and fresh update
  9. Normal trailer because with doubles you cant go with cargo outside of scandinavia
  10. kubb

    Road collision

    If he ram me on purpose I would report me. But if he didn't saw me or something like that, sorry is good
  11. kubb

    Double trailers

    It is good zone. But Kassel if far away from duisburg... etc
  12. It's not working. I was trying it today and I get kicked from server
  13. I like all except pressure vessel thats ugly
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