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  1. Of course I stop when there's trafic and I have red light. But when nobody in city it's useless then I don't stop
  2. kubb

    Radio Stations

    I like to listen my music or our local radio in Slovakia :D
  3. My game was crashing right when I teleported to garage or confirmed jobs etc....
  4. kubb

    My game freezing

    It looks like your answer helped me. Thanks man.
  5. kubb

    My game freezing

    Yes but I want this profile to use. I dont wan't new profile and go again from start...
  6. kubb

    My game freezing

    Hey man. But yesterday it was fine yet.
  7. Hi. Why is my game freezing right after when i teleport to the garage or when i confirm job etc..? I am stuck in this and cant do anything cuz everytime I need to restart game and its happening again and again...
  8. Hi guys I have problem. My game is freezing for example right when I click on confirm the job or when I teleport to the garage and like that... So my idea is to reinstall game but I don't know how to back up your profile because I don't want to lose it. And when I reistall game I want that profile back.
  9. Díky pomohli mi to už som sa vďaka tomuto odvolal a mam unban
  10. Thanks guys i will watch it yes my question is now answered.
  11. Hi, how will you contact if I will be picked up by recruitment?
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