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  1. So i really enjoy online but last time i played my truck got totalled twice. There are lots of reckless drivers. Incident one on a 3 way traffic light system mine was green and lights to right were clearly red as one guy had stopped. I was passing thru & someone over took this guy waiting & absolutely abliterated my truck. 100% damage. I mean.. what can you do? This person cost me a small fortune from jumping red lights! Is there no insurance policy system where the game detects that he jumped lights / hit me so has to pay that 50k fix? Incident two (in same online session) on a motorway a guy took me over went in lane in front of me (borderline cut me up) slammed on breaks to a stop. I had no time to react hit him & my truck went glitchy from impact and gave me near 75% damage How can you even do anything about these people?
  2. Ok guys a few things... No1 i have to restart my company as i went bust.. i was getting borderline with money but i have just been online and got hit full on twice causing 90% damage. 1 where i was going thru a interchange and some guy had obviously ignored the lights and absolutely abliterated me.. and second where some guy went overtook on a motorway then stopped dead. I mean... Seriously :( what can we do?? No2 im having to re do company.. i want to start in UK but dont know where.. im thinking base it on the car dealers nearby..? No3 what is the best truck? I want one with fantastic speed & accelaration with all loads. This is a MUST! please suggest away!!
  3. hi, i am looking for the fastest truck i can possibly buy can anyone suggest any? when i am online i just struggle to keep pace or not slow others down - example - i had to break to do a turn up a hill and ended up doing 18mph (pushing accelarator to max i add) and truck was just slugging up this hill.. someone comes behind round corner and hits me. i need a truck that with a load on can: get a good top speed (what can the truck you suggest do top speed) has good accelaration off the mark from stand still and can pull up a hill well...! Please also suggest any modifications i can buy in upgrade garage Thanks so much guys - i look forward to not being embarrased on MP by my slow , rubbish, trucks.
  4. hi, how do i sleep then? in MP mode? ill load up and try now but i havent had a request to sleep yet in MP mode...
  5. Id love to play this game souly in multiplayer mode but my business is in early stages and i only have 2 other employees. and since playing in MP mode they just do not work, always resting. in fact one says on duty, resting.... :( What are my options here? do i need to play on normal mode for them to work & carry on making me money.. my garage efficiency etc has really dropped since playing online.
  6. Does online work in the same way as normal version of game - Fuel Consumption, Fixes to truck, Career / managing your employees etc? if not, what ways do they differ?
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