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  1. Hi @Phon! I'm aware of the outdated state of this guide as there have been changes to the location of service. I was hoping I could start testing this week , the different routes and see what is best for each destination . Meanwhile I went to duisburg to see where are the major congestion points and noticed that a Non-Colision zone was applied to the entire city, making it harder to get any information and even after that would be completely useless for any user trying to get to the city. Since there have been changes to Calais that makes the roads from 4 lanes both ways into 2 lanes both ways, I might in the near future make a similar guide to this city,but in the mean time, no planned update to this particular guide.
  2. Is it just me or the moderator Pillow just keeps rejecting every single sugestion. Every time I see a good sugestion and it's rejected I scroll down to find his nickname. This also happened to me. But glad that your suggestion made to the game
  3. YEs! I'll never have to slow down again when passing by Gallup
  4. For example:- Suggestion Name: Labeling players on days they are members Suggestion Description: The idea is to give some kind of label to a player that is a member for less than 15 days (time period subject to discussion) to warn other people about a new driver in the area. This wouldn't change the report system, so If one of them is reported, the same rules would apply like any other player. The label could be on the name tag before the nickname like " new driver<Nickname>" or maybe a sticker on the truck (or something else concluded in the discussion). The time period should be such new drivers have the time to addapt but if they are just trollers would be quickly noticed. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: Lately I've been collecting information about the players I've reported and figured out the most of the events that leaded to a ban happened less than about 15 days after the day they become members, so this mistakes mostly likely happened because of their unexperience, so adding this kind of label, people around would be warned about an unexperienced driver nearby and be more careful that these players are more likely to make mistakes. Also I've noticed on the "Road to Simulation #3" post, it was stated all players would have a week to addapt to the new rules, but people that are new players (it's kinda new rules for them) don't have this kind of addapting time. Giving an example: yesterday the situation was, the player drove on the wrong way and rammed me on a highway, I would report him but I figured out he was member since a few hours ago, this was probably his/her first crash, and also It was in the UK. Using this label would let them addapt more easily.
  5. This seems pretty great. I don't know the exact steps to get this out of paper because: "Hey this is the job of a developer and I'm not one"
  6. Interesting Post! I've been using the speed limiter at 90 km/h because it's a lot safer and it's more fuel efficient than going 110 km/h. But people in C-D road drive really fast and because i'm 20km/h slower they feel like they can overtake me, but it's just a 20km/h diference so unless I slow even more they will take a long time to overtake me, this results on oncomming traffic approaches and then they have to swerve. Because I never trust people overtaking me, I most of the time pull out of the road to let them in. On the other hand, going at 110 km/h will eliminate their need to overtake me and some accidents. Furthermore, I setted up my brakes so I can brake really hard, the only problem is people behind me but I usually turn on my hazards before applying brakes
  7. I've started playing ETS2MP about a week ago. I've noticed that Calais, Duisburg and the route Calais Duisburg is really high populated. The main diference between Calais and Duisburg is that at Duisburg you have mostly one lane for each way: If someone stops, everybody stops creating a big stop'n'go traffic jam. Meanwhile, I've been trying diferent routes than what the GPS gives me in order to reach my destination quickly (We don't want to annoy our customers), so I figure out some of the best routes to get in the city depending on where do you want to go. The main rule about these routes is "If you don't need to go to services, don't go in front of it" The second rule is "Pass in front of the garage only if there's a clear path in front of it" With some more additional rules, I design some diagrams based on it In the diagrams bellow are represented the routes you might consider when entering Duisburg The green ones represents the routes of most success The yellow ones represents the routes to follow if the green ones are more congested the red ones represents the "Avoid at all costs" routes Outdated Content Warning! - Some changes in the city of Duisburg by the truckersMP team such as changing the service station location and implementation of a Non-Colision Zone made this guide somewhat outdated and may not carry such a reliable information as it used to when it was first made. The diagrams represent entering in the city, but it might also work while exiting
  8. I think this is a good idea, and I think it's totally possible, truckersmp already gets the coordinates of any nearby players to calculate the distance between them, calculating the direction isn't that hard. By looking how the position changes and knowing your speed you can easily know at least if is in front of you or behind you, and truckersmp already has control on your speed. The list itself is very distractive now, a couple arrows more won't change that much. If you think it's too distractive you can always close the list anyway
  9. Daniel_Agostinho


    I think 5 seconds is too short, it might sometimes be confused with hazard. Over 20 seconds I would agree. But you also have report system
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