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  1. If you buy the DLC, SCS Software will donate ALL of the money made from that DLC towards charities.
  2. I thought I would just point out that it's so nice to see everyone showing there support and respect and are driving around with the pink ribbon skins for the strong women who have unfortunately had breast cancer. To all of the people who have taken part in the event and done the jobs and supported the event, I have respect for you. I hope to see more events like this in the future. #PinkMyTruck
  3. Hi So i installed a workshop mod called 'Additional Customisations' and i heard it was compatible with TruckersMP and i got this trailer but i wanted to know if it was suitable for TruckersMP and i wont get banned Picture of the trailer > https://prnt.sc/neneuw. Is this allowed on truckers mp without getting banned? thanks.
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