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  1. Hello @BL4CK$K1LL , Yes, the problem has been solved. Thanks for your help @coolio859 ^^
  2. Hey guys, I have the following problem: I recently wanted to go into the profiles folder and do something there. However, this folder is empty. So friends told me to disable the Steam cloud. Said and done. I deactivated the Steam cloud and made a new save. But when I went back into my documents, the folder was still empty. I do not know what to do anymore so that my saves will be displayed in the profiles folder. Could any of you maybe help me? I appreciate any kind of help Kind regards, LetFresh
  3. The new Renault T would be aswome lol, Can't wait for everyone driving with a Renault in the MP again xD Hope they gonna add it soon ^^
  4. Hey there @Linciano , I might be kinda late. But I love the new Volvo which got added in the game, so I really just can recommend you to tune on of these trucks. Hope you'll read my answer anyway. xD Have a nice day ^^ LetFresh
  5. The best out of all MP Game Moderators ^^ <3

    1. Olioak


      Why thank you very much B) <3

  6. Hello @Sange[CHN] I prefere driving fast on my own. Like many other people also do. I',m not driving 110 all the time. But for example when the road ahead is clear I like to drive faster than 110 km/h. It may be nice for some people that want to behave like a read trucker does. But I like driving faster than 110 km/h. And the argument "It will reduce the number of idiots on the road" is totally weird. I've seen many idiots on the road since the new update and so many traffic jams, because we all only can drive 110 km/h. This can be kinda annoying and I do not see the difference. In my eyes it's just useless. Kind regards, LetFresh ^^
  7. LetFresh


    Dear @xKijimoshi , Yes, there is one way of changing the graphics in the multiplayer called "reshade" Maybe you have seen some videos from "Falco [ITA]" once. He is using this reshade mod as well. I also tried to install this mod once and this video really helped me: I recommend you to check this video out ^^ Good luck with installing it! Kind regards
  8. Hallo @WRafal (GER) , Erstmal zu deiner ersten Frage: Nein Kannst du leider nicht wenn du einmal im MP gebannt bist, ist dein ganzer TruckersMP Account gebannt, sprich du kannst also auch nicht im ATS MP spielen, weil das ja über den gleichen Account raus läuft. Und zu der zweiten : Bei mir ist es auch so, dass die Reports in letzer Zeit ein bisschen brauche, bis sie von Admins angenommen werden. Vielleicht sind die in letzter Zeit (vielleicht auch wegen dem neuen Update) ein bisschen beschäftigt. Ich hoffe, ich konnte dir in irgendeiner Art weiter helfen ^^ Liebe Grüße, LetFresh
  9. Hey @f0rr3stfunk , Es ist tatsächlich mölgich mit deinen Freunden die gleichen Aufträge zu fahren und zwar mit dem Virtual Speditor. Das ist ein Programm, mit dem du dir selber deine Aufträge kreieren kannst. Du und dein Kumpel müsst dann einfach nur die selben Sachen (Ziel, Abfahrt und so..) eingeben. Ich pack dir hier mal nen Link rein für besserer Verständnis: Von Lieferboten-Aufträgen für PKW's habe ich bisher noch nichts gehört und ich habe in ETS MP jetzt auch schon um die 1000 Spielstunden. Keine Ahnung was er damit meint. Und Nein, du kannst deinen Mates auch keine Auflieger kaufen. Mit den Speditionen in diesem Spiel kenne ich mich selber auch nicht so gut aus. Ich fahre lieber alleine für mich in dem MP. Naja frag doch einfach mal deine Kumpels wenn du irgendwelche Fragen hast. Die helfen dir bestimmt weiter! Lieber Grüße noch und viel Spaß im ETS MP! ^^ LetFresh
  10. Hello @RichManSCTV , If you wanna get a good and cheap wheel, I recommend you to have a look at the Thrustmaster t150. I've been using it for 3 years now and I have never had problems with it so far. Have a look on amazon there you can get it for a good price. Of course you can get a Logitch as well, though they are more expensive. Well.. I'm happy with this one ^^. Kind regards, LetFresh
  11. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 It's sooo good ^^
  12. Hello @Mhik_i0 , I also reported a few players and the admins haven't seen them yet. I just think they are kinda busy at the moment. Just give them some time and you will see your reports are going to get accepted very soon ^^ We all just have to be patient. Kind regards
  13. Hello @Happy Trucking ETS2 I'm pretty sure you can store them in your garage if you do not drive them. I mean the admins cannot look in your garage and tell you what to store there and what not. If you do not drive these trailers I think it is of course allowed to have them in the garage as nobody can check it anyway ^^. Kind regards
  14. Looks so sick! Can't wait for it. ^^
  15. Well.. I prefere the old servers and speed limit more. But obviously other people do like the new ones more. That's how democracy works and we have to accept it ^^
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