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    Emergency Services, trucks, ships and planes.
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    Norway: Bergen
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  1. Snakkes. Satser på å se deg i teamet igjen snart ❤️ ??

  2. Sad to see leave  ? 

  3. Sad to see you leave ? 

  4. Sad to see you left Game Moderation Team.

  5. Wish you good luck on your new position


  6. Sad to see you leave. Take care ❤️ 

  7. Sad to see you left Game Moderation Team, hope everything is ok... ?

  8. Sad to hear that you left the RM position ?♥️

  9. Change is good man, good luck in your new job. ?

  10. Happy Birthday Patrick! 

  11. Happy happy birthday! ?

  12. Happy birthday!

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