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  1. Americans on euro truck, europeans on american truck, makes sense.
  2. those are some nice save edits
  3. The C-D road would be an even bigger nightmare and the admeens will need some red bull.
  4. I dont think I have ever slowed down when I was overtaken, or even speed up. I just let them overtake. But if you are on C-D road then you should maybe slow down so that if another truck comes opposite side, you will prevent a head-on. But usually im the one overtaking and I have never seen anyone slow down for me.
  5. Whenever I overtake (out of England) I use left lane because I always thought left lane was the fast lane and right lane was slow lane. (idk i dont drive irl) But thats how I do it.
  6. Isnt this game called Truck Simulator? I seem to be able to drive the cars better than the trucks but the cars get veryyy annoying when your wheels hit a curb and you get supershot into the air and take 100 damage. So I would take truck.
  7. TruckersMP impacted my life in a few ways. One of them is when I get banned and its totally my fault and I learn my lesson to not drive like an idiot. Another way is that it made me have more friends from joining a VTC, and another way is that before i got TMP in late october 2018, I had 150 hrs on ets2. Now I have 510...
  8. This would definetly be rammer's fault as HE rammed you while you was pulled over and you was into middle of road. If you had rec evidence ban would be taken off right away.
  9. I was never good at doing paint jobs, but I would reccommend using something like canopy and making up a cool paint scheme to go on canopy to end up something maybe similar to this.
  10. Well, I am known for being a very bad driver in TMP but when it comes to red lights, I always run them and not care about them. However, if im in like Calais or busy city, I will follow red light to avoid traffic and ban. But I mostly always run them. On singleplayer, I follow the traffic lights because of realism.
  11. I came across ets2 on Youtube a while ago only started playing in September of 2017 and really started playing it when I got TMP last October. But IRL I have nothing to do with trucking.
  12. :O what are you doing here smoky??
  13. @plinio_lisboa Let's try not to get too ambitious here, the EAA map would be insane to run on TMP and some say that TMP will never even introduce a map mod. I really hope one day TMP introduces these map mods, it would really make the whole experience a lot more fun.
  14. I am well aware on how Promods requires a good pc, in fact my pc itself is garbage. Intel I3 with no fancy graphics cards or monitors or anything at all. My i3 is pretty bad, it runs good on Promods though, sometimes with higher traffic density it will start to lag me up. And my TMP runs well when im on my own, but goes to 1 fps with 80 players in the area. So Promods + TruckersMP does not seem like a smart idea but it the two together sound like good fun, and also @JJay I am brand new to TMP forums and i have absolutely no idea how to create a suggestion lol. I will try though Thank you guys for responding so early wasn't expecting that.
  15. Hello there my fellow truckers! I have a little question/discussion for you all. This question may be a but dumb but it is still fun to think about. Will we ever get a special server that will be compatible with the Promods Map and other popular map mods? Let me go into a bit more detail: The default map of ETS2 is still quite large and fun to explore. However, it may get a bit boring after a while. If there were a special server dedicated to being compatible with the Promods Map (maybe EU4 or EU1's replacement) would this even be possible? I think it would be great fun to explore the ProMods map with other truckers. Promods is just a massive expansion to Europe, and would be a fun time to explore with other truckers. Maybe even do a convoy with on Promods map would be epic! I know this might be hard to do but would this be a possibility? Let me know what you all think of this.
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