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  1. AJ Deere T680

    Not Saving Game Progress (Autosave disabled?)

    Can you tell me how to authorize it? I can't seem to figure it out.
  2. AJ Deere T680

    Not Saving Game Progress (Autosave disabled?)

    This? http://prntscr.com/hubtvh Please help it wont work
  3. AJ Deere T680

    Not Saving Game Progress (Autosave disabled?)

    How do I exclude it in Bitdefender? That link doesn't seem to work for me. @King^
  4. AJ Deere T680

    Not Saving Game Progress (Autosave disabled?)

    Autosaves only happen in singleplayer. If i drive a but, then i exit the game in multiplayer, and come back in multiplayer, usually, it would save the position that i was right? But, when i come back in, it didnt save the distance i drove. So, there was no autosaves happening. Its like the autosave is disabled. And no i didn't delete that config file i dont think. Heres my directory: http://prntscr.com/hua7mc
  5. AJ Deere T680

    Not Saving Game Progress (Autosave disabled?)

    No. It only happens in multiplayer. If i make a save in multiplayer manually, it wont show up when i restart the game. Its like i never made the save when i quit and restart the game.
  6. I have a problem that used to happen with ATS. But, i fixed it. Now, I can't seem to fix it for ETS2. So lets say i hop in the multiplayer. I drive to somewhere. I exit the multiplayer. I go back in and im back where i started!!! To make it sound simpler, If i start in Rotterdam in multiplayer. Then, i take a job to Calais then exit the game. I come back in the game and im back at where I started in Rotterdam!!! Help! I have tried numerous fixes for this that i thought maybe i should finally start asking for help. Its like autosave is disabled but, manual save doesn't work either. Here are the things below i have tried. Read them before you suggest them: I have Reinstalled ETS2 on steam. - Problem still happened. I have verified game cache on steam. - Problem still happened. I always run TruckersMP as Administrator. - Problem still happened My g_force_economy reset is set to '0' - Problem still Happened I have tried manual saving but still even tho, It reloads the game like i never made the save. - Problem still happened I have tried on another profile. - Problem still happened Any tips?
  7. AJ Deere T680

    ATS Not on 1.4 Update?

    It has been a while since SCS Released the 1.4 update... Just wondering why it isnt in multiplayer yet. Im a noob at computers so i dont know how long it takes... Just curious if 1.4 is coming to multiplayer.