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  1. No need for this. The /fix command is only for truck damage because it affects your ability to drive. -1
  2. Great suggestion, except for the hovering over truck part. It would be a lot easier to display it in the hud under his name and make it toggleable in the settings. +1
  3. But I agree, having ban info next to his name when creating a report could save some time. +1
  4. You can find all the info you need using /pinfo or TAB menu. -1
  5. Good idea. My immersion is being ruined, seeing trucks without parts is scarring me emotionally. If only I could afford the missing 5-10$ DLC that not only fixes the problem but also adds new content. +/-1
  6. What's the point in slowing down a specific route? Even if you implement a speed limit, there would still be accidents. -1
  7. It's my name. It's not that common so I prefer to use it instead of an alias.
  8. It's better to stop even in quiet areas when no one is around. If you cause a collision then you're at fault. Respecting the traffic laws is not blocking and just because racers go full speed in intersections and don't stop at red light, it doesn't mean you should too, this is how accidents happen.
  9. I only report people that don't acknowledge their mistake, have intent or are insincere in their apologies. Some of the accidents happen due to inexperience.
  10. Well, it's fun. As long as you put nobody in danger, you're good to go. I go fast on empty highways.
  11. Try refreshing your contracts. You need to have DLC for some of the destination cities, you can find them on the WoT main page. The cities you can still complete without DLC are: Geneve (21 April), Milano (27 April), Hannover (30 April) and London (3 May). They switch every 3 days at 07:00 UTC.
  12. It would be bad. Whatever they did, they will do it again. They had 6 chances. I believe that some people can change but this is somewhat similar with releasing rapists, robbers, serial killers, etc. all together because they deserve that chance.
  13. Hristev

    Truck or car?

    If you can drive it without crashing into other players or blocking the traffic then the car is a good choice for exploring the map, traveling between cities and driving with your friends. It's better to have diverse traffic, both of them should be on the road.
  14. Only to prevent an accident. No need to overtake if you go slower/at the same speed as the driver in front of you.
  15. Great suggestion. It would make reporting a lot easier. +1
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