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  1. On 12/9/2020 at 8:42 PM, RagtagBoss said:

    Its a really good idea, because if someone is not moving you at least will know why, +1 from me :)

    As Much as this would be a good idea it wouldnt necissarily work as people can Tab out and or use it as a method to Troll other players. for me i VOTD -1 

  2. 1.37 is quite a big let down on the Sounds side ..... Sounds from ATS have been copied over to ETS. Noticed on certain 8x4 chassis trucks windows dont actually roll down. the sound is the only thing that activates. Engine sounds are all messed up and wrong.The New Tanker trailer meant to be a liquids trailer ... instead been copied over and changed to be a EU Trailer (food cistern). Quit button doesnt work or function as inteded ... which has now broken my game bit more than it was already broke ..... (have to Force Exit via Steam) sooo yea unfortunaltly 1.37 is just a complete mess also same issue from 1.35/36 and now on 1.37 the weather put that on 50% it doesnt actually function it registers as have it Rain with no weather change no let off just pure 100% pemant Downpour... 

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