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  1. Sorry ive not been on for abit ..... My ASUS laptop Gave up so gotta sort it out 

    Which will be bit into November hopefully 

    Yes the Drive For Life MAN 8x4 and CRTZ HCTs Will Appear whilst im on Sim 1 server until i sort out Promods (need to get my MAN 8x4 and HCTs in that) ... My Driving on Sim 1 Will be Much more different which is due to People Causing Unnessisary Issues .... so Driving on The Deffensive but adding the Safety and Accident Avoidance to it to make it bit friendly ..... 

    Also Been Tempted to Start using Translate so i can communicate with Fellow TMP users from other Countries :) 

    Please Let me Know also how to Change My username on TMP wanna Change it To either Crashnix or Phoenix_SC_GTR (my Main Twitter Acc) 

    Thanks all 
    Courtz Carriers - "#Wrong Truck Right Trailer"

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