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  1. Its unusual to say that ive met various GM's over the year and half ive been on TMP and I keep meeting them too at different events and just while im all over the map....
    and ive met some via being in @courtz49's Amazing VTC and Community!!! now I can say ive been to most places on the map …. Yes even Calais and Duisburg where I met @Olioak amazingly. And yes also some how being the only Drive For Life Truck still on the roads* until the next DFL event (DFL2020) ((*I think not to sure*)) but one things for sure im not leaving TMP at all (met @Pillow within the first week of me being on TMP with  crumby Old Scania 4x2) 

    yes I may have the most Reports sent in to GM's of all the clowns I get caught by or I catch but the main thing is this Trucking Community is brilliant

    Courtz Carriers Driver - #WrongTruckRightTrailer


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    2. Pillow


      Pleasure to have met you! See you on the roads soon hopefully ;):wub:

    3. Phoenix_TMP


      You sure will (C-D Road?) … im pretty sure my laptop can still handle the epic fails on that road XD

    4. Pillow


      C-D road is the place to be! 😂

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