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  1. Went on a little drive today, checking out some of the reskinned cities in the new 1.38 update! First, I went to Lille! Also had a mini photo-shoot with my new grey Renault!


    Have an awesome day! ❤️ 




  2. Congrats Nathan!

  3. hey you.


    yes you.


    have an amazing rest of your day ❤️ 

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    2. [Demir] 'Denizlili.
    3. Paddy.


      Don't tell me what to do thanks. x

    4. Vexus.


      @Paddy. *cries in manners*

  4. smh you thought you were gonna be the last i win
  5. In my freetime, I attend events, do some work in my VTC and watch an unhealthy amount of Prime Video
  6. I like going 90kph. This reduces the chance of collision, and I can also enjoy the amazing scenery whilst driving!
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