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    A couple of days ago, you may have seen that I have joined the Game Moderation Team as a Game Moderation Trainee! I am still a member of the Events Team, but this does mean I have left the Forum Moderation Team


    I have loved my time in the Forum Moderation Team, but I can't wait to meet some more amazing people whilst being in the Game Moderation Team!


    Here's a picture I took around a week ago, with @Μatt ❤️



    1. J a n e k
    2. $!b!RЯk


                                          🌊   cool    truck'$    🚨🚛       👍       

  2.  Congratulations! 

  3. Congrats and good Luck :wow:❤️ 

  4. Congratulations,and hooe you work successfully!🥳

  5. Congratulations! I wish you continued success..  🎉🥳

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