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  1. Yeah a lot better IMHO, check this version: shorturl.at/rtwFL
  2. No, i would buy the Thrustmaster T300
  3. Salve camionista, noi siamo gli Italian Road Masters! Il nostro obiettivo è quello di raggiungere le vette più alte della classifica mondiale di Trucksbook, divertendosi e lavorando come una squadra. Esattamente come una squadra, ci aspettiamo che tutti diano un contributo con un minimo di 10.000 km mensili. Ogni camionista è libero di guidare al proprio ritmo in base ai propri impegni, semplicemente chiediamo di essere partecipi in azienda. Se sei interessato, mandaci la tua richiesta ma soprattutto raggiungici su Discord che vogliamo parlare con te! Gli unici
  4. Scandinavia and Baltics, at the moment, are the best ones, but I think that "Road to the black sea" is gonna be a bomb
  5. Trolls exist in every community, and I don't even consider them in the community. When I think of the community, I think of the myriad of people who play for the sake of travel, who join the virtual companies to play in groups, the people who created TruckersMP from scratch, the people behind TruckersFM, the developers of mods. Honestly, I think the ets2 community is one of the most beautiful that exists, not perfect, but which community is it?
  6. At the moment I use the Xbox One controller, although I would prefer to switch to the steering wheel
  7. I do not understand, why do people continue to confuse this game with Gran Turismo, is a simulator game, damn! They did very well to put these limiters since most people thought to go at full speed and crash into someone or something because they can't brake in time. And they also limited the trolls, so I don't see any reason to travel at a crazy speed, where in reality you wouldn't last even 5 nanoseconds. But then you get annoyed by the limiters, there is the Arcade server, go as fast as you want and risk nothing But if you want to take away the limits from Simulation 1 and keep the
  8. It depends, usually who does it, does it intentionally, then there I report it without thinking twice directly on the site so that the ban is guaranteed. Otherwise, if I understand that it was not done on purpose, I pass it over but I register it anyway if he does it again the only one to the previous attempt in such a way as to make him extend the penalty.
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