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  1. Exactly all cheaters/hackers or rule breakers know what they are doing is wrong it takes common sense
  2. So basically i am just J Spec all the time then
  3. Never knew this was a thing til now seems like a cool thing to have to be honest, should implement it into MP even if others dont have it makes it more realistic for those who do have it cruising with other players in VR would be epic
  4. Some of these clips omg haha
  5. Am only 20 however i do like escorts, my old man has a sierra sapphire cosworth rwd version, so safe to say im into classics hehe. Back on topic nah as in for convoy escort vans mate
  6. People only get banned for a reason. therefore keep them banned. Dont need people ramming,blocking and being idiots on the road its like saying give john his drivers licence back after he just mowed down a family due to speeding, because it adds to road users.......
  7. Need to be able to perform an emergency stop, One of the basics of driving, Train your reflexes anticipate the next event. Think ahead of the person in front
  8. Escort vans would be a nice addition to the game and if you could do deliveries even better
  9. Lots of awesome new content coming out at the moment hope they keep it up and maybe even start adding more truck brands into the game would be amazing cruising about country roads in the likes of an ERF (Already have MAN who own ERF so dont see why not)for example
  10. As long as they dont introduce maintaining your own fleet haha i would cry at it
  11. I hate dennison trailers, we have a flatbed Dennison at work and its dire to work on Mechanics point of view however
  12. Tankers would be rather good, I work in the haulage business and i work with whisky tankers every day, would also like to see them in game
  13. Would be amazing, should add things like straight through exhausts too would be epic to have on an old scanny
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