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  1. @dragonslayingmast The comment that 3 Triple transformer trailers is NOT illegal in TMP is incorrect if your read the rules & they are to there spec's, but yes that road is not possible to maneuver such a beast with the switchbacks that are there. Every mountain road that was logging or coal in the real world, was marked with numbers or nick names every so often so that truckers could call out on the CB (loaded coming down at ___, or loaded coming up at ____) that would be a big help in this situation as that would give others a chance to get a wide spot to allow them to get by. But LOAEDED trucks ALWAYS have the right of way at least in the real world. It would be nice if TMP were able to somehow implement such a system, but the difference in languages would also play an issue in some situations. No matter unless there is someone with a TMP badge non will seem to listen, I sat there for 45 Min. before Beast got thee trying to assist in chat & on the CB with no effect. Lol Happy & safe trucking all!!
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