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  1. I've Been In EU1 And Have Seen Trailers Like That And Nobody On There Finds It A Good Idea.EU2 With Them Trailers Is A Stupid Idea To Have , I Believe.
  2. No Point In This Server Due To Most Players Who Care About Their Account Have Over 500 Hours And Having A Server Just For Them Isn't Necessary.
  3. Nice To Drive But Has No Power When Going Up Hills Or Pulling Heavy Loads.
  4. Due To Players Being Remotely Stupid On That Road With It Having The Most Volume Of Players On It Most Of The Day.They Will Overtake Anywhere On That Road Even If The Is Traffic There, Most Likely Cause They Own No Other DLC'S For ETS 2 They Spend Their Time There And Race.
  5. I Believe To Only Run Red Light Is When It Is Clear, ONLY! Other Times When The Is Players Around You Should Stop , If You Run The RED Light And Cause A Crash.You Will Be Banned!
  6. 8/10 The Player That Says " REC " Or " BAN " Don't Actually Report You.Most Of The Time It Will You Being Not Allowing Them To Queue Jump Or Them Crashing Into You And Blaming You For Their Mistakes.If You Do Make Someone Crash Just Say " Sorry , For Damage ETC " And They Will Most Likely Forgive You , But If You Crash Into Them On Purpose You Have To Accept It.
  7. I Agree But They Also Have To Understand The Trouble They Create With Them Using Large Trailers On European Roads , Most Of The Time , Makes It Harder For Other Players To Enjoy TruckersMP.I'm Saying That Because It's Not " Cool " To Be Having A B-Train In High Populated Area's Is It? I Personally Believe They Should Ban Them From EU2 & EU1 For Those Reasons'.EU3 Would Be Fine For It Due To The Not Being As Much Players On Their And Us Fellow Realistic Drivers Don't Want To See Them On EU1.
  8. More Inside Cabin Customisation & Light Bars Around The Back Of The Cab.
  9. I Personally Do Not Think This Would Be A Good Idea At All! With Some Country Drivers , Not Pointing Fingures , It Would Be Horrible To Play TruckersMP.The Users That Get Banned Are For A Reason, Most Likely Reckless & Ramming.If You Un-banned These Drivers It Would Be Chaos With Everyone Overtaking In Traffic And The Admins Will Be Pushed To The Max Just As They Are Now With The WOT ( World Of Trucks ) Event Happening.The Are Limited Admins On TruckersMP Who Take Time Out Of Their Days To Make The Servers Stable For Us Truckers.
  10. Yes @plinio_lisboa But those are still not used in scandanavia in real life and are mainly in Australia.If Australia Was In-Game Place I Would Understand But It Is Not So I Don't Understand Why TruckersMP Users' Use It For No reason. I Agree , EU1 Is The Only Server Remotely Realistic But Cant Get So Realistic.The Other Servers Are Ruthless And With Game Moderators Not Being On Much It , The Triples Just Make The Servers ( Especially EU2 ) More Chaos.
  11. Hello All! I'm Just Doing This Forum Post About The Triple Trailers , Which We Can Get VIA Forrunner Mod.The Triple Trailers Need To Be Removed From ETS 2 MP In My Personal Opinion And This Is Why.With The New WOT ( World Of Trucks ) Event, They Take Up Too Much Room On European Roads And It's Un-Realistic Due To The Fact I Never See Any Triples On The Roads In Real Life.Following This Is They Are Getting Used In ETS Where The Roads Are Too Small For Them.They Get Stuck On Every Corner Due To Amount Of People Who Can't Drive With Them. If Any Of You Have Any Objections To My Opinion Please Comment Them And I Will Happily Reply Unless You Insult Or Use Profanity In Comment. Keep Safe Everyone! - Zło.
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