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  1. Many congratulations on your new position! ❤️

    1. SpoonyUK


      Thank you ❤️

  2. Many congratulations ❤️

  3. Keep the faith! These things are always opportunities to re-evaluate and come back stronger than before. It's character building. ❤️


    Wishing you luck and see you on the road.


  4. Great topic. Both games will be popular. TMP for massive multiplayer between groups and VTCs, and the official multiplayer for small scale groups. I think it's a bonus to have both platforms.
  5. Congrats on the promotion! ❤️

    1. SvartWolf


      Thank you Matty! 😄♥️

  6. Congratulations on your new position Velo! ❤️

    1. Velo.


      Thanks! ❤️

  7. Great insight Palle! Personally, I had one day (as a young teen) looked up 'Free Trucking Game' and stumbled across the original ETS, which I may or may not have pirated. Fast forward some years, ETS2 is released and I used to spend hours watching YouTubers like Squirrel and Stockoglaws play and stream the game. However, my laptop at the time never supported the new game so I was stuck playing ETS1 and watching hours and hours of ETS2. Then in 2019, at 18 years old I finally had enough money for a decent computer, and got myself a basic mid-range setup. I loved it, played hours of singleplayer and then jumped on the TruckersMP bandwagon at last. Then joined Viva, and, well, here I am nearly 3 years later!!
  8. Hi buddy. I think there are some great VTCs out there that have a heavy emphasis on simulated, realistic driving. If you take a look at the VTC system, I'm sure you would quickly find something that is for you that will connect you with a community of like minded drivers.
  9. Agree with the vast consensus of opinion here. They have been put in for a reason.
  10. Thanks for the follow Vicc!!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. [VIVA] Matty

      [VIVA] Matty

      For sure man. I know we keep saying it! I have been massively busy lately. Nice to keep passing you on TMP though!

    3. ViccTMP


      Yeah exactly that! We'll find a way 🙂

    4. [VIVA] Matty

      [VIVA] Matty

      Indeed we will!

  11. 📸 - The Viva Fleet out in force at ICG's May Convoy 




  12. Healthy competition is always nice! I think the devs would need to be careful not to reverse-engineer official multiplayer sourcode though as that might be stepping too much on SCS' toes.
  13. Great music everyone! This is a great question. I'm often listening to a lot of Kygo/Avicii and other EDM when cruising down the road, but some Acoustic Rock here and there too depending on my mood and the vibe of the drive
  14. Hmm. 1,000,000 dollars isn't as much as it sounds. Investing/buying a house, furthering self training etc. will all be good long term uses. But in the immediate term, a nice holiday wouldn't go amiss :D.
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