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  1. Fatigue Simulation, Detours and Road Events will just lead to even more chaos. Are you ready to accept this? Traffic Offenses are okay, but most players with the intend to troll won't really care at all.
  2. I think it has something to do with being used to european roads ?
  3. Oh yeah haha, back when speed limit didn't exist and scouts kept flying out of curves because everyone drove too fast and the handling was bad :DDD The situation back then was horrible too, people weren't able to drive their truck at high speeds. However I really saw quite few players abiding the limits and this really has dropped to 0 now. You super rarely see anyone actually abiding the truck limits.
  4. I rather think players quit because everyone's driving like an idiot and noone abides to the road rules and treats the game as a simulator.
  5. What I would support is using the already in-game available AI VW T6 vans used for the escort or adding more features for the available Scout Superb sedan, such as a special transport paintjob patreon-only and an LED board showing an exclamation mark with the text "oversize transport" on it, that can be turned off using the regular beacons on/off button.
  6. In ProMods it is definetly München - Kirkenes. Going through Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland is for sure a fun trip I've done multiple of times
  7. Hi there, first of all; Do you have the automatic rain detector on in your Gameplay Settings? That could explain why the wipers turn on by themselves. Try turning this option off. second; Could you provide a video with this odd behavior you experience? and third; Does this only happen in TruckersMP? Have a nice sunday/weekend ?
  8. You do not need to invest any money for recording software, OBS / OBS Studio are free-to-use and good quality recording programs. In fact, many youtubers use OBS to record their gameplay. A simple screenshot can be easily manipulated, manipulating a video is much harder.
  9. I cannot agree to this statement. The Scout Extra_D used to be way more powerful than trucks (Veteran players will probably know) - and it is now compareable performance-wise with an unloaded truck. I have noticed that some trucks have even quicker acceleration than the Scout, so it really is bad now. However, I do not see any vehicle part of the problem. Its the driver. There's a small term, called PEBKAC. Problem exists between keyboard and chair. If the scout wouldn't exist, people would just stick to the more performant VOLVO and SCANIA Trucks in order to ram players. The problem lays here on the users and currently, as you can see, even with longer duration punishments issued by staff, some keep ramming others. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure this is a problem we won't be able to get rid of, since there are various players intentionally creating new accounts to keep ramming others. Personally, I don't think nerfing even more the maximum performance of the car will solve problems. TruckersMP used to have no global speed-limiter in the old servers and we are now with a global 110 km/h speed-limiter with the same issues. If we were to enforce the speedlimits with a limiter, trucks would drive 60 km/h in e.g. Germany's country roads and trolls would abuse the Scout allowed to drive 100 km/h to ram players. If we all were to stick to the road rules better, it would be a general more convenient experience for everyone.
  10. Car I share with father is the Audi A4 Avant 2011 (B8). I could buy another car for myself, but I rather use the money I earn for further future education & we don't need a second car ? Brings max 143 hp, is a 2 liter turbo-diesel with 6-speed manual transmission and is black color.
  11. I enjoyed creating one of the operations and participating in the event. It was a great evening
  12. Helped me with proper steering & I knew much signs before already. Its still certainly different from reallife.
  13. The scout model car fits very well in my scout extra_d, now I want more of them, inside and outside my car
  14. HI! I've updated this guide now so it meets the 1.43 standards. If you have any questions please let me know either here or on Discord: polandball#9937 (It might take a while for me to respond here)
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