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  1. Hey, Could you please make sure his friend checks his spam email. Otherwise a mail issue yesterday https://truckersmpstatus.com/incident/1196/ affected emails not getting sent and being lost so his verification email could have gotten affected by that. Hope this helps, Thanks coolio859,
  2. Hey, Try logging out if steam, waiting a few minutes and then log back in and launch the game. Also just to make sure, make sure you aren't sharing your steam/truckersMP account with anyone else. Hope this helped, Thanks coolio859,
  3. Hey @Roelvink, Are you in highly populated areas when this fps drops. Is it sudden or is it a constant drop? If you are in a highly populated area your fps will be most likely low as your PC is trying to load in all the people around you. Hope this helped, Thanks coolio859
  4. Hey, There are currently some steam registration issues due to problems with steam https://truckersmpstatus.com/incident/1194/ It should be fixed however some users could be still facing issues. Hope this helped. Thanks coolio859,
  5. Hey @Dark Winter, Make sure you have the latest graphics drivers installed. Also verify the integrity of game files. Let me know if that works. Thanks coolio859,
  6. Well done @BL4CK$K1LL correct Is yours Fujitsu General America Inc?
  7. Not sure if this will be fun or not but want to see if anyone gets it. FGAB Good luck guessing.....
  8. Hey @maxziegel99, If you have VTLog installed that might be your issue as it sometimes causes crashes. Please disable any plugins/mods you have installed and see if that works. Hope this helps. Thanks coolio859,
  9. Hello, Do you have VTLog installed if so this is an issue that crashes the game. The VTLog developers are working on it. Try disabling VTLog and you should be able to join arcade. Hope this helped. Thanks coolio859,
  10. Hey, Yes every profile has its own controller settings. However in a single profile you can just switch between auto and manual depending on which one you want to drive. Hope this helped Thanks coolio859,
  11. Hey, Due to the recent update a lot has changed with Save editing. Please read the new rules and guidelines to make sure you aren't breaking anymore rules. Hope this helped. Thanks coolio859,
  12. Gonna miss the old days where I actually had fun on this mod...

    1. ASIR [CZE]

      ASIR [CZE]

      Sad, but true.

  13. The old system was fine before EU 1 was a thing for people who wanted simulation and Eu2 just wasn't, now taking away both those options is a bad play in my opinion but I doubt community backlash is going to change it
  14. Hey @br3edage, Have you also unchecked the speed limiter in TMP settings? Have a good day, Thanks coolio859,
  15. Hey @BubbleMuscles, I have similar specs to your computer and have never faced an issue about the TAB dropping FPS. It could be due to it loading in a bunch of players in TAB if you are in a highly populated area. About the freezing when you Alt- TAB that is normal as you are using a lot of resources on the game and you suddenly switch to something else like the desktop the game freezes. Hope this helped. Thanks coolio859,
  16. Hey, In other applications such as discord do you sound quiet to people. If so it might be a problem with your microphone. However if not I'm not sure why other then if you go into windows and check your microphone settings that way. Hope his helped. Thanks coolio859,
  17. Hey, Pretty sure that's a physics issue due to using DX11. If you are switch back to DX9. However if that isn't the case and you are using DX9 try disabling the mod you have and also try and see if it does that on any stock trucks. Hope this helped. Thanks coolio859,
  18. Hey, Could you please Elaborate on your question so more people can help. Thanks coolio859,
  19. Hey, By emails do you mean updates. You get them from support ticket changes and feedback but if you are thinking of changes in reports I'm pretty sure you don't get them. Hope this helped. Thanks coolio859,
  20. Hey @[L.C.T]Emito[ARG] Try setting the pedal in game to not inverted and see if that works then. Hope it helped. Thanks coolio859,
  21. Hey @Thetoast111 Both of them I'm pretty sure are done via save editing. You used to be able to use forerunners customisation mod from the steam workshop and forum but I'm pretty sure he isn't supporting it anymore. I'm sure there are other ways but you'd have to ask someone who is good at savediting More info can be found here https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/423-save-editing/ Hope this helped. Thanks coolio859,
  22. Hey @Satan_IR The multiplayer game servers as far as I know are hosted totally separate from the website and download server hence why you can possibly use them but not the game servers. Is your friend in the same place as you and therefore has the same content blocked? Thanks coolio859,
  23. Hey, What was your ping like before the update, has this happened to you in the past? Also, have you been in high populated areas when this has occurred because this could also be a problem? Thanks coolio859,
  24. Hey, Are you sure you have his TMPID rather than his temporary tag he had on the server because they are different? Also another thing could be that they could have deleted there profile that's why it might not appear Hope this helped. Thanks coolio859,
  25. Hey @MeMeB1gBoy Make sure you are following the guidelines in https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/423-save-editing/. What exactly have you save edited with your truck and have you got any screenshots you can provide? Hope you are having a good day, Thanks coolio859,
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