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  1. Hi,


    Here is an example of my profile ![Master Trucker](https://forum.truckersmp.com/uploads/monthly_2019_12/1693420267_role_5Patron(1).png.7cdd8ac81ab7218779dadd9cce2bd6b2.png)




    Hope this makes sense.


    Kind Regards,


  2. I think in theory it's a good idea. However it does seem kind of pointless in my opinion since you can't see the evidence against you since you have no idea what to prepare. May as well wait to see if you get banned and then prepare your evidence since you actually know what you've been banned for

    1 hour ago, CJMAXiK said:

    It is a breach of privacy, therefore do not expect anything like that.

    Also @CJMAXiK how is seeing the evidence even if the report gets declined a breach of privacy?

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  3. Hi,


    For this you can change the colour in the config.


    Go to Documents/ETS2MP and find config.txt or config if you don't have file extensions showing. 


    In the file there should be a line called player map colour followed by a bunch of numbers 


    Google "colour picker" and a website should show up and allow you to pick a colour.


    Finally the format has to be in decimal so go to a website such as https://www.rapidtables.com/convert/number/hex-to-decimal.html and paste the decimal format into the config file.


    If you have any issues DM me on the forums or on discord.


    Kind Regards,


  4. Hey @gazi161,


    Try running the game at your monitors native resolution e.g if you have a 1080p monitor the resolution would be 1920 x 1080.


    Also make sure windows is running at that resolution as well.


    Hope this helps.


    Kind Regards,


  5. Hey @korejaac,


    Unfortunately since multiplayer time doesn't stop, when you exit the game time keeps going so when you therefore log back in you have to reset the economy to be able to deliver cargo.


    It is explained here:


    If I remember correctly the developers did try and implement something to try and fix this but I'm not sure if it is fully working.


    Hope this helped.


    Kind Regards,



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