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  1. Hey @Fulton, If MarkON's steps don't work try these: Disabling any firewall / antivirus you have. Try using a VPN or similar service. Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Coolio85
  2. Hey @[VIVA] Quirius, From the first log, it seems like an error in the scout car, have you tried redownloaing TMP If not could you try that? Kind Regards, Coolio85
  3. Hey @Rozeshag, Please make an appeal here https://truckersmp.com/appeals Or if you already have and aren't happy with the result https://truckersmp.com/feedback Kind Regards, Coolio85
  4. Hey @SGD3S1GN, That should be fine as long as the hotbox of the interior doesn't extend out to the exterior also interior sound is fine as well. But just check the rules and the save editing guides for more clarification. Hope this helped. Kind Regards, Coolio85
  5. Suggestion Name: Bans public for VTC Suggestion Description: An option to allow people in the VTC able to see users bans Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Some users might not want there bans visible to everyone but some companies have public bans as a requirements Regards, Coolio85
  6. Hey @User_2913757, As long as he has his own steam account and his own account on TMP and owns a legit copy of the game (Family sharing doesn't work) Then yes he will be able to use his own account but make sure he is also logged into the same steam account. Hope this helped. Kind Regards, Coolio85
  7. Hey @TomTheMilkman, That was the winter mod for last year supporting an old version of the game. Currently it isn't supported but they will hopefully support it again this year. Hope this helped. Kind Regards, Coolio85
  8. Really good system already pledged
  9. Hey @camionista89, I believe there were some server issues last night with the new world of trucks event. Are you still getting the same problem? Kind Regards, Coolio85
  10. Hey @spiritmark1, Have you tried the following steps? - Disabling your antivirus - Updating and or reinstalling drivers Hope this helps Kind Regards, Coolio85
  11. Hey @Baby on Board, You have to paste it in like that. E.g Line1 Line2 Line3 You have to copy that and paste it into the player tag and then it will display vertically. Hope this helps. Kind regards, Coolio85
  12. Hey @iRacer_Bataller, Sometimes if you are in a area of high population e.g Calais the game can lag a lot due to the amount of players. Try spawning in a less populated area and drive around for a bit and see if you still get lag. Hope this helped. Kind Regards, Coolio85
  13. Hey @aimcs1337, Yes it is possible but only for single player use. You would have to extract the car model from the TruckersMP mod and then it will allow you to edit. Unfortunately I am unsure how to extract the model but I am sure a google search might come up with some useful tools. Hope this helped Thanks Coolio85
  14. Hey @JellyDoughnutPixie, I think you'll have to make a feedback ticket at https://truckersmp.com/feedback Kind Regards Coolio859,
  15. Hey @ahmedmasrawy, It means that you have got a wheel on that trailer that is from the Krone DLC and if you do not own the DLC the game doesn't let you see it and shows that texture instead. Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Coolio859
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