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  1. Hey @FirstPlayer, Are you running the game at your monitors native resolution since that could affect it? Kind Regards, Coolio85
  2. Hey @Drexyy, If it's an image use something such as https://prnt.sc/ If it's a log file, it should be under that size. Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Coolio85
  3. Hey @Angelina_Pour02, Please remove the def-241 and redownload the 2.42 however don't click special transport as it won't work with MP. Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Coolio85
  4. Hey @Angelina_Pour02, Have you tried redownload the launcher. Also could you send a screenshot of your mods folder? Kind Regards, Coolio85
  5. Hey @theofficialktwo, Also bear in mind with the def file you download from Promods DO NOT select special transport as a lot of users have reported issues with that. Kind Regards, Coolio85
  6. Hey @[TSL-T/F 1] - Jake17, Do you get any errors come up on your screen and if so what are they? Also could you please send your crash log located in Documents/ETS2MP? Kind Regards, Coolio85
  7. Hey @somundara, Can you actually start the launcher and the error occures when you press ETS2 or ATS? If so, when on the launcher press F1 and that downloads the lates files. However if that fails. Have you tried reinstalling the launcher as that generally fixes a few issues. Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Coolio85
  8. Hey @Dr Hype, Are you using anything such as Nvidia surround to make 2 monitors seem like 1 because that could cause some issues. If you are could you try disabling it and seeing what happens? Kind Regards, Coolio85
  9. Hey @12PK-James_84, Have you made sure your Patreon account is connected to your TruckersMP account. There is a good guide explaining this here https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/598 Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Coolio85
  10. Hey @_TheMark, If they don't show up on MP don't worry they are still active as long as they're installed on SP. Hope this helps, Kind Regards, Coolio85
  11. Hey @CrashCZ, This is due to the time differences between multiplayer and single player. Please have a look at this article here and it shows you how to fix it https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/23. Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Coolio85
  12. Hey @KaizeNG, To get full exploration you have to go on every single part of the map including roles which makes it very hard to do. Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Coolio85
  13. Hey @BREEZY__x, Can you join simulation 1 or is it just promods? Also have you made sure you have all of promods files and Def files. Also 1 quick thing you can try is: Open the TMP launcher and before clicking ETS2 hit F1 as that should download the latest files and see if that fixes it. Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Coolio85
  14. Hey @OGISEM, Could you send your crash log please as well as a screenshot of your mods folder? Kind Regards, Coolio85
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