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  1. Yush it's Longyearbyen, this little tunnel road there at the seed vault
  2. This is an awesome game idea I also have a picture
  3. That happens quite often to me Ngl I don't like how traffic lights and it's fines work in ETS.
  4. 2 years, that's a long game
  5. If I drove past it, I would shake my head. It looks out of place in my opinion, but I have seen worse.
  6. It's kind of awesome, I use it sometimes. I like it but I stick more to the /tfm commands. Not really adding to the feature but maybe, add the Player Mute button back again.
  7. Happy Birthday Savage!! :)

  8. Heyo @[JET BLUE] FALCON, I am not thinking about when, or how long it will take. Also I mean, at least we have a possibility to downgrade our games Just play on the downgraded version like before and enjoy the game. Because, well, it's done when it's done
  9. Yes, it's deactivated until TruckersMP may states so otherwise. At the moment the summer mod is active :) https://truckersmp.com/kb/993
  10. Heyo @ZaroMW! I don't know what you mean exactly, but in my opinion it would be better if the seasons align with the game and real life, so you can be double as happy when it is winter
  11. Heyoo I tend more to drive Heavy Cargo like the Asphalt Miller, Transformer, or the Locomotive. Also I really love to drive with a Container Carrier Trailer, most of the time ADR Class with a HCT or B Double.
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