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  1. I really like "P5 Hits" That's actually one I'm listen to. https://www.p5.no/
  2. Hello Truckers! Since the new version 1.35. for TruckersMP is out, there are many changes! As you may know, there are "RESTRICTED ZONE FOR DOUBLE TRAILERS" as you can see in the News Blog 126. What I mean by that, it still works, but not more than a hundred percent because of the newer double trailers! I see that many are using them in the "restricted zone" or directly on the Calais - Duisburg road, still when the traffic is high! Many say, TruckersMP got rid of the rule but you still get kicked with a standard double trailer. Thats some quotes in pictures lol. Is that just a bug perhaps the newer double trailers or just a removed step? To be honest, I wouldn't get annoyed when the restricted areas gets removed but still it can get worse on high dense traffic like sometimes on Duisburg - Calais road. What do you all think about it? Is it just a bug and how would you think about when the zones get removed?
  3. That makes me laughing really hard lmfao


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