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  1. The moderators banned the wrong person that is me.by mistake he banned me instead of someone else.I pay for my game you are no one to decide how I should play or what should I do.
  2. But traffic jams are fun and gives a sense of realism in truckersmp
  3. I am just seeking answers not suggestions to be a racer. I'm just seeking answers to my question not suggestion to be a racer.Thanks bro for supporting me OZ DOSTLAR
  4. SCS should add more trucks and more frequently.The variety of trucks is missing.
  5. I suggest you to increase the priority to high of ets2 program when you launch truckersmp.If it doesn't solve the issue try searching on internet or youtube.
  6. Sorry I meant that 14 speed was in automatic mode and was shifting gears one after another not skipping gears.I think if the 14 speed was manually controlled and the unnecessary gears were skipped then the 14 speed may be on par with 6 speed.What say?
  7. Suggestion- engine overheat in trucks and cars. Why it should be added-it will bring the awaited feature in truckersmp.It will open a new world of realism to the players. How the feature would function-if you red line or drive near red line rpm for a fair bit of like 5 mins continuously driving on red line or near it your truck engine would overheat and will have to be stopped for cooling it down.
  8. High RPM shift will give you the better acceleration. I don't like how they say "this is not a racing game" as you didn't mention what are you going to do after you got the answer. I simply hate those arrogant people with prejudice someone and I am not going to argue with them so I will the answer here.


    Your truck might need to climb hill or something. In order to maintain a positive acceleration you should keep your revolution as high as possible before changing gears. Hope this helps.

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      Are you from China?

  9. Is it illegal in truckers mp to mix up truck mechanical?
  10. Shifting at high rpm or shifting at medium rpm or shifting at low rpm gives maximum acceleration?And I can compromise fuel consumption for best acceleration.
  11. I have been playing truckers mp past 1 year and I used to see a lot of traffic or players on calais-duisburg road.But nowadays players travel less by calais-duisburg road.So I'm seeing less traffic jams nowadays on calais-duisburg road compared to previous times.Calais duisburg road was so fun before because of lots of traffic jams but nowadays it became boring because less players travel by this road and there are no big traffic jams also .So why players nowadays travel less on calais-duisburg road compared to earlier times?
  12. Guys what is the best RPM to shift gears for maximum acceleration in every truck?And I don't care about fuel consumption.
  13. What is the best RPM to shift gears for maximum acceleration in every truck?
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