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  1. Hello, the guy you were searching for, does have cringe symbols. Anyway, it shouldn't be the reason for let him drive in the way he did. So it's easy to find out his ID. Just look for some letters which could fit in the name, correctly. For example, I search for the polish L, ł, and he also thought we wouldn't know, that he is using alpha α for normal a. Here is the ID. https://truckersmp.com/user/2888633 TruckersMP ID: 2888633 I hope I could answer your question correctly and exactly. Kind Regards Blacko
  2. Hello @Nigtwish, please, try the following steps to solve your problem. Right click your ETS 2 desktop icon if you have one, click properties, then click the compatability tab, and make sure the "Run as Administrator" box is unchecked. You can also right click "Euro Truck Simulator 2" on the left side (list of games if you have that), select "Properties", then click the "Local Files" after that, "Browes Local Files" which should bring up to your ETS2 folder, click on the "bin" folder, then "win_x86" and do the same process as above for the eurotrucks2 application file. That should solve it. If not, you can reply to my post. Kind regards Blacko
  3. Hello @domasltq, could you try to reset your network adapter's settings by opening the console (type 'cmd' in the search function of Windows and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter) -> type 'netsh winsock reset all' and confirm with Enter. Please, also check if you have the latest version of your windows. Then run truckersmp as administrator. Kind regards Blacko
  4. Thank you for the follow :)

  5. Hello @Scorps72, the supported game version of ETS2 is which you can have a look at when you start the TruckersMP launcher. Please go to steam and update your game to the newest version. This should solve your problem. Kind regards Blacko
  6. Thanks for the follow!

  7. Hello @astro10, can you tell us, where does this happen? Is it all over the world ( ets2 map ) or just in specific cities? Of course it could be possible, that some cities aren't made for such trailers like doubles etc. Kind regards Blacko
  8. Thanks for the follow @_Mr.Blackout_ ! :)

  9. Hello @Eza Kazuki, for changing your email, you can easily contact the support team of TruckersMP by clicking here. Kind regards Blacko
  10. Apropo Gamescom. Wer ist dieses Jahr auch bei der Gamescom?
  11. @Zentusma kleine Information am rande. Hier ein kleiner Beitrag, der dir deine Suche wahrscheinlich etwas erleichtern wird Unternehmen/Speditionen Gruß Black
  12. Gebannt, weil du als Ort, dein Motorrad angegeben hast.
  13. Hey, could your friend proof, if any datas are missed for ETS2 by right clicking on Euro Truck Simulator 2 and choose properties. There should be an option which is named : local data. Then click on "check files for error". Also, he could have 2 different gates, so steam can't choose the right one. For example he had installed ETS2 on C: but in steam it is shown in F:. I hope I could help you with your or your friends problem. Kind regards Andreas
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