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  1. _Mr.Blackout_

    ETS2 dosen't start after pc's reset

    Hey, could your friend proof, if any datas are missed for ETS2 by right clicking on Euro Truck Simulator 2 and choose properties. There should be an option which is named : local data. Then click on "check files for error". Also, he could have 2 different gates, so steam can't choose the right one. For example he had installed ETS2 on C: but in steam it is shown in F:. I hope I could help you with your or your friends problem. Kind regards Andreas
  2. _Mr.Blackout_

    Technical problem

    Do you have any more informations? Maybe when you start the game, it shows an error code or something like that. Without any information, it is not possible for me, to help you. Kind regards Black.