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    Derbyshire, UK
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    Been gaming on consoles for years, but decided to get back into pc gaming.

    Play ETS2 mostly at the minute and also Assetto Corsa.

    Also into cars,motorbikes,motorsport which has been a part of my life forever really.
    I do voluntary marshaling for vintage bikes and sidecars in the uk. (I am actually ACU trained)
    I've also been helping moderate a car forum for the past ten or so years.

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  1. Where's my post gone about the release date of Windows 10? Why would that be deleted?

    1. Guest


      This: ?

    2. turbonutter69


      Nope. I posted that the release for windows 10 is due next month, according to a few sites.

    3. Scar


      It's been hidden because someone else already corrected that in the same thread.

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