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  1. KeyToVictory

    Best Truck/Engine/Transmission/Etc Setup for RACING?

    Hello, Removing all parts you possibly can isn't really a way to go faster in either ETS2 or ATS, as the game wasn't originally designed for racing. Though the best configuration I prefer is just a truck maxed out on anything. Best engine, best transmission, etc. The suggestion you gave is not for the TruckersMP Developers to, well, develop. They mainly focus on their modification for both games, and do not add any modded stuff (except for the modded Scout car and the caravans) - It's best for you to take that suggestion to the SCS Software forums. However, I doubt they are ever going to add something like this, as their focus is still on a realistic truck simulator, not a racetruck game. https://forum.scssoft.com/viewforum.php?f=5 ~KeyToVictory
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