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  1. These changes are, in my opinion, perfect and I am happy these have been pushed. I remember that as a beginner, I also didn't really know what is permitted and what is not on the forums, but these rules are very straightforward now. As always, the Community Moderation Management did a great job!
  2. Mikor lesz? Azt elfelejtetted beleírni.
  3. Hope you have a good time on the GM team😄

    1. Patriktanki


      Yes, I am having. Thank you! :)

    2. Ates  .
  4. You're still a GM right 

    1. Patriktanki
    2. NDNG - DeniPEKSEN

      NDNG - DeniPEKSEN

      oh ok i did not understand the message in TMP Team

  5. [Support + Translator] @Krisi1051 kilépett a Translator csapatból, és csatlakozott az Add-On Team nevű csapatba. A Support csapatban továbbra is bent marad.
  6. Thanks for the follow

    1. Patriktanki


      You are welcome! :D

  7. Thanks for the follow 😍

    1. Patriktanki


      You are welcome. :D 

  8. [Player] @.Richter csatlakozik a Game Moderation csapatba "Trainee" pozícióban. (2020.10.21.) [Player] @Ivonole csatlakozik a Translator csapatba "Trial Translator" pozícióban. (2020.10.22.)
  9. TruckersMP Magyar Csapat A mai naptól kezdve ebben a bejegyzésben nyomon követhetitek a magyar staffok rangbeli változásait. Így, ha segítségre van szükségetek, tudjátok majd, hogy kihez forduljatok, illetve tájékozottabbak legyetek azzal, mi is folyik a csapatban. Jelenleg a csapatban lévő staffok aktuális rangjai: @.Richter @Patriktanki @Krisi1051 @Krisi1051 @Ivonole
  10. Hello @ReaperNova, I should be unbanned already, but my ban is still active? What do I do? If you live in another time zone and haven't changed it in the settings yet, then you should do that first or convert it into your time zone. Depending on your time zone, the exact expiration date may differ. To do so, head over to the Settings > Site Settings and then change the time zone depending on where you live. I quoted it from this knowledge base article. I would suggest you to read it as you can find a lot of useful information in it next to the solution for your problem.
  11. Hiii @Patriktanki Have a nice day 🤗 

    1. Patriktanki


      Hey, thank you, for you too! :)

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