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  1. Suggestion name: Players can select other players to report. Suggestion description: Like admins, players are also able to select other players with the cursor, but in that case, when the tab menu is open, not the admin panel. When a player clicks on another one, the selected player will be highlighted on the list of the players on the tab menu. This could make in-game reporting much easier. Pictures: None. Why it should be added: As I wrote above, it could make in-game reporting much easier, and players would not stay at the middle of the road, just for searching the player they want to report. This is already an already existing feature of TruckersMP, so in my view, it would not be hard to implement.
  2. Hello @f1xzor, I know what causes this error. If you take a look at the crash log file, you will see that your GPU is not recognised. If you have NVIDIA GPU, please download the driver from here: https://us.download.nvidia.com/GFE/GFEClient/ If you have AMD GPU, please follow these steps: 1st: Select you exact type of your video card from the offical site of AMD here: https://www.amd.com/en/support 2nd: Install it, but DON'T FINISH THE FULL INSTALLION! After the Windows installion finished and the AMD installer appears, don't click on install, close the window instead. 3rd: Go to Device Manager in you Control Panel. 4th: Select your display device (perhaps it named as Microsoft Basic Render Driver) and: Right click -> Update driver -> Browsee my computer for driver software -> select C:\AMD\"the downloaded driver" -> Install. EVERY TWO CASES YOU MUST RESTART YOUR COMPUTER AFTER THE INSTALLION! And there you go, your problem should fixed. Let me know if you need more help! Best Regards, Patrik
  3. Hello, I don't recommend you to use this avatar. But if you want to stay at this type of avatars with lot of cars, I recommend you to replace police cars with black-yellow pilot cars with a big orange beacon at the roof. It looks very well, I highly recommend it to you. I hope my answer helped, Patrik
  4. Congratulations! Good luck for your new role. :)

  5. Hello, Today I would like to give you a guide about how to fix this annoying issue. 1st: Click on your username at the top right corner -> Account Settings. 2nd: Find "TruckersMP Oauth" and click Configure. 3rd: Click on button "Update preferences". After you did it, just refresh the recruitment site, and you will be able to write your application. Best Regards, Patrik
  6. Hello, Yes, I got the answer to my question. Thanks for everyone! Have a nice day, Patrik
  7. Hello, I just wanted to check my forum profile, but I only see a blank page while I did a lot of thing. For example, my posts. Now I can't check them, because they are gone. Why? I have 0 warning points, so I didn't do anything wrong, and of course I don't want to do this kind of things. Please help me, Patrik
  8. Hello @TropicEgzotic, Have you installed all of the Windows updates? Perhaps do you use Windows 8? Windows 8 unfortunatelly has some compatibility problems. If you use it, please try to run ETS in Windows 7 conpatibility mode. You just have to right click on ETS2 icon, properties, and you will find it here. If it doesn't work, oprn CMD as admin, and write sfc /scannow . It will scan your system files and repair them if you have any corrupt of these. I hope I could help you. Best Regards, Patrik
  9. Hello, Your problem sounds very strange, and it is very personal, and that's why I would check the system files. Here is how you can do that: Start menu Open CMD with admin permissions Write: DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth Wait until it finishes working. Then write: sfc /scannow Wait until it finishes working. You can't lose anything if it won't work, but at least you will have more stable system. I hope I could help you. Best Regards, Patrik
  10. Hello @Ordep, This can happen when you don't give admin permissions for the TruckersMP launcher. If it hasn't got the necessary permissions, it is not able to open another apps on your computer. I hope I could help you. If you tried it, and it didn't work, just tell it, and I will try to find an another solution for you. Best Regards, Patrik
  11. Hello Freendel_YT, This happens, when you take a Quick Job. If you haven't got own truck, the time loads after you took the job. And because of this, the game will set the time after the deadline, and that's why it happens. For example, you log out from the game at 3pm, and you want to play again at 7pm. While you are offline, the time passes, and when you log in again, the day is (for example) Friday instead of Monday. There are 96 in-game hours between your two game periods, and that's why you note that issue. If you want to fix it with the least in-game money, then you should buy a car. Just start free driving with the car, and after you log in the game, just take a quick job, and you will never note that again. I really hope I could help you. Best Regards, Patrik
  12. Hello EmaGamerYT, It does not matter how do You mix the types of the traliers. The thing that only matters is how long Your tralier is. So basically: If You use two long traliers, it is allowed, but if You use 3 short traliers, it is forbidden. I hope I could help You. Best Regards, Patrik
  13. Dear @BL4CK$K1LL Yes, I am totally satisfied with your answer, and I have to congratulate for the support team, because this is the fastest support I have ever seen. Keep up your work "forever", please. Best Regards, Patrik
  14. Hi Everyone, I started to play ETS2 MP again, but I don't understand one thing. Last time when I played with it, I could make a lot of money with caravans, but now I can only make a few Euros per job. Was there an update, or something is wrong on my side? Thank you for every answer, Patrik
  15. Hi Everyone,


    I started to play ETS2 MP again, but I don't understand one thing. Last time when I played with it, I could make a lot of money with caravans, but now I can only make a few Euros per job. Was there an update, or something is wrong on my side?


    Thank you for every answer,


    1. JJay


      Dear @Patriktanki


      Nice to see you.

      If you need help, please create a topic in Help.

      People will help you. You need to be patient and wait for answers.


      Kind Regards


    2. Patriktanki [DTQ]

      Patriktanki [DTQ]

      Dear JJay


      Thank you for the answer, and have a nice day. I am going to create a topic. :)



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