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  1. oh, I'll certainly check those out :)
  2. only 1 movie suggested so far... any others guys?
  3. I love watching movies, and I was wondering what movies you guys would recommend? I prefer action, crime and thrillers, war... Post some trailers of movies you like
  4. Suggestion Name: LGBT Emojis Suggestion Description:I have looked on discord, and the site and would like to see more flexibility in regards to LGBT emoji's. Any example images: https://pixabay.com/images/search/lgbt/ Why should it be added?: For equalization between LGBT community and Others
  5. I often do this, i find the smaller roads less of a chance of meeting a troll. Although on smaller roads, people need to chill out and not use the other side of the road to make the corner, other than that, I live doing this
  6. Was posted by staff so... back to 1
  7. Thank you so much for those updates!!!
  8. slow and careful, unfortunately some damage occurs from other drivers.
  9. Not 100% but Daf for me is my fav for a nice slow and smooth ride..
  10. I actually like doing the trip to Milan, the scenery is gorgeous You didn't mention your favourite country/place to visit @Australian Stig
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