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  1. Logo's, banners, twitch images, truck skins, trailer skins, emotes... and more! Send me a message if you are staring a VTC and need images, or you just want something personal! :)

  2. https://imgur.com/guR2Kil

    Another Truck & trailer skin made for a happy customer :)

  3. I'm not sure why there are cars, but to add another argument, what kind of simulator would it be without them? Simulation means to simulate, so I guess the cars are to simulate regular traffic along side trucks.... least that what I think.
  4. to be fair, i've never had a thing that bothered me....
  5. I see nothing wrong with the ban system.. The mods do what they can when they can, but cannot be everywhere, so thats what the website is for. I've never been let down by their system.
  6. For anyone interested, I do logo's, banners, Avatars... message me with full details of what you want. colors, images, etc.. no charge!

    1. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      Worth working with, made me a nice profile picture in minutes without me even asking for it and didn't charge anybody! Happy with the work.

    2. Aragon


      May I add you on Discord?

    3. Midnight Trucker
  7. Cars are not the issue, it's the people who are driving them.
  8. I just don't like the white when it's late at night lol
  9. Unfortunately this happens a lot and I don't think much can be done to stop it. You just need to report them on the website, and reload a auto save to go back a little and continue your journey.
  10. There are many sites you can use, however, some sites cannot be accessed by every country, So I decided to offer a few of the best sites I have found. VIDEO EVIDENCE YOUTUBE.COM YouTube is used a lot of the time, however, it is very easy for someone to get your video taken down after reporting it for whatever reason they can think of. If there is music on your evidence, this could also affect your evidence as any report containing offensive words over CB may be muted due to copyright. STREAMABLE.COM Streamable is a really good upload site that keeps your files until you decide to remove them. Music is accepted on this upload site and it can be accessed from all countries. There is a length limit however, so it's useful for uploading clips to more than full videos. VIMEO.COM Vimeo is not the best, but it can be used to host your evidence. Some people have had issues of their videos being muted in some countries when videos contain music, much like YouTube does. PLAYS.TV PlaysTV is a really good place to to use are you can download the app and record clips as they happen. You can then use the app to upload direct to plays TV. You can also choose an option to allow your friends to spectate you as you drive. PHOTO EVIDENCE There are many sites you can use, however, some sites cannot be accessed by every country, So I decided to offer a few of the best sites I have found. IMGUR.COM Imgur is used a lot of the time and is one of the best image hosting sites out there. PHOTOBUCKET.COM PhotoBucket is not the best image host, however, it does the job you need it to do, which is to show an image to another person. THINGS TO REMEMBER Sites that require you to download videos or images will not be accepted as the evidence you provide has to be available to both parties and the game moderators do not want to be downloading anything as it may not be safe so make sure your evidence can be viewed online with a web link. DO YOU KNOW ANY OTHER SITES? COMMENT BELOW!
  11. Best advice ever, I have mine disabled and not had any issues. I've been a victim of someone who has them on and it ain't pretty!
  12. Its not hard at all, I don't have the dots on and I use my EYES to look for other players.. Makes the whole experience more realistic that way too.
  13. Thanks, this helped me alot! @xJazzy Find the most recent profile. Open the 'saves' folder and open your most recent save (it should be a number). 5 - Open the Virtual Speditor application then copy the location of your save file into Virtual Speditor. Then follow the steps as instructed. If you have no folders, create a save on your game. And make sure that you are in the folder where you have personally selected your saves games to save.
  14. NO! If you follow the rules, you have nothing to worry about...
  15. I like TruckersFM, but I sometimes like abit of country, or I play my own music.
  16. I only run them when there is not junction or it's a corner with no other direction to turn.
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