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  1. Hello there, 


    The problem you're facing seems to be on World Of Trucks' side. Even though you click the button and continue in "offline mode", you will be still able to play in TruckersMP (= you will still be able to play in the multiplayer) as you're only offline from World Of Trucks. To make things more clear, World Of Trucks are two different things. TruckersMP is a multiplayer modification for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator while World Of Trucks is owned by SCS Software. Because of that, the details of your TruckersMP account won't work on the World Of Truck related issues (in the case you're trying to enter your TruckersMP email address and password there). So, if you don't mind about not being connected to World Of Trucks, you can just press continue and play in TruckersMP. 


    So how does not being connected to World Of Trucks affect then? If you're not connected to World Of Trucks, you won't be able to pick up those so-called external contacts (or deliver contacts for the current WOT event). If you still want to connect to World Of Trucks, you should remember the log in details you've on this site: https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/. If you don't remember them for whatever reason, you can always go ahead and try to contact their support by sending an email about the problem to the following email address: [email protected]

    As this is a problem that isn't related to TruckersMP at all, trying to get help from the World Of Trucks support would be the best solution in this case (at least in my opinion).

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  2. I personally like how SCS (among with World Of Trucks) is regularly organizing events for Euro Truck Simulator 2 as well as for American Truck Simulator. As delivering normal contracts might be a little boring for some of the players at times, kind of events give them a reason to play some more ETS2 and ATS as well. Of course, it would be nice if the rewards were a little better as the skins and interior models and pennants are something not so many players - neither do I - use. On the other hand, we can't always expect to get plenty of awesome stuff as SCS is already putting most of their effort for making new map expansions, truck models, trailer types, etc. The events are indeed fun and give us a 'real reason' to play some more truck simulations, but it also supports SCS as many people might buy the missing DLCs during the events (especially if the event has pickup or dropoff points in a DLC area). 


    One truck family as an event has been one of my favourites. I really love how much effort SCS has put into the event trailers this time to make them pretty realistic; we have ten different trailers and all of them has something unique. I've already completed the first part of the event which was to deliver the trailers from the given locations. As already mentioned, I was slightly disappointed with the rewards, though. I mainly completed the event in the singleplayer as especially the beginning of the event was extremely busy (Paris and Bratislava) in the multiplayer. However, as Ancona was in the DLC area (and pretty far from the pickup points), it was much quieter in the multiplayer as well and thus, I managed to complete the last two contracts in the multiplayer without being flipped over. :D


    But overall, the event was pretty good in my opinion. Other than the rewards that I won't probably ever use, the event was fun to complete. I hope to see more of this kind of events in the future as well. :)

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  3. To get Finland, you only need to get the Beyond Baltic Sea DLC as like Asir linked. Other DLCs such as Scandinavia and Going East DLC are not required to have access to Finland as there's a ferry connection between Travemünde, Germany and Helsinki, Finland. So basically, the only DLC you need to get is the Beyond The Baltic Sea one. :)

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  4. On 3/26/2019 at 1:14 AM, jacob8973 said:

    im not saying to be done with it im saying just dont have it in the first place it is completely unneccessary

    That warning/kick system which warns and after 15 seconds kicks you if you don't have your headlights on was set back when the winter mod was released for Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer some months ago. While using the winter mod - especially in the northern part of the map - it starts to get dark at 4 pm (as like in the real life as well) and thus, having the warning/kick system about the headlights is actually necessary since "ghost drivers" might be pretty dangerous if you don't pay 100% attention while playing. As said, it's something that doesn't have the number one priority in the developing progress (the most important thing is to keep TruckersMP supporting the newest version of ETS2 as well as ATS, of course). It will be removed as soon as a developer who is developing the client of TruckersMP has time to do so. The only thing you can do at the moment is just to wait for the upcoming updates and hope it will be removed. 

    And as the last thing, I'd advice you to have the headlights on all time while playing in TruckersMP. It only doesn't give you more safety while driving but it also is a law in some European counties (if we look at this topic from the "realism side"). As I pretty much always have my headlights on, I've never had any issues with that "error message". :)

  5. Hello there, 


    You should be able to mute people from TruckersMP settings as well. When you're in TruckersMP settings page (using the so-called tab menu, for example), first head over to the "Sound" tab and then find an option called "Voice". If you drag that option to the left, you shouldn't hear anything on the CD radio anymore. :) 

  6. ^ As a little add for the previous answers:

    Game Moderator is probably the most "wanted" role among this community and thus, there are also a huge amount of applications for that role. As long as the status of you isn't declined, you've got at least a little chance to join the team. As mentioned, you won't be forgotten, you just need to be patient - that's the only thing you can do while waiting for the response about your application. And as the last thing, it's totally understandable if you're a "little excited" with the application (= you want to get a response on your application as soon as possible). 

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