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    Happy Birthday XFMaster, have a great one! :) 

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      Thanks mate :) 

  2. First of all, I want to thank everyone who attended the first day of #TMP5 anniversary event. I especially want to thank those who were organizing and controlling (= convoy controlling, tailing, and leading) the convoys. Unfortunately, I had to leave the event a bit before it was over as I still had a few things to do before heading into the bed. Anyway, I hope that everyone who attended the convoys had fun over there (also those who drove behind me... Sorry for the lag spikes! :troll:) But just for now, I'll head into the bed - goodnight everyone! :)


  3. MHT_

    Congratulations on your new role, mate! I hope that you will enjoy your time as a staff member... ^_^

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      @MHT_ Thank you mate!! :D

  4. Happ... Ei kun hyvää syntymäpäivää siis! ^_^

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      Tha— Ehh, kiitos paljon! :D

  5. Hello @VillSkill, The easiest way to get a triple trailer in Euro Truck Simulator 2 (works in TruckersMP as well) is to use the Forerunner's Additional Customisation modification. You can get it either from the Steam Workshop or from Forerunner's own website that you can access in here. There are also other ways to get a triple trailer, but using the Forerunner's modification is clearly the easiest way. If you're not really satisfied with the selection of different triple trailers that you can create with the Forerunner's Additional Customisation mod, you can always search for different triple combos on the community mod sites (e.g. https://ets2.lt/en/?s=multiplayer), but remember to double check the §3.2 - Trailer modding rules before using them as there's always a little chance that some of the comunity-made triple trailers aren't allowed to use in the multiplayer... When using the mods, you will need to first open up the game in single player, go to the mod manager and activate the triple trailer mod that you want to use (you should be able to get the trailer from the trailer dealer - at least when using the Forerunner's mod - while playing in the single player). Then open up the multiplayer (TruckersMP) and you should have the triple trailer. You can also create a triple trailer with using save-editing, but if you're not really familiar with it, I'd highly recommend using the available triple trailer mods instead. Anyway, if you can't find any exsisting triple trailer modification, you can always check this topic to get some more (more or less advanced) information about save-editing: Hopefully this answered your question. If you need further assisntance, feel free to ask. Other than that, have a great day!
  6. Hello again, Alright, then the issue is clearly caused by TruckersMP (based on what you said, you're able to disable the speed limiter from the game settings and thus, you're able to drive faster than 90 km/h in the single-player). And because of that, I'm also assuming that the speed limiter stays disabled in the single-player after you restart the game, right? Even though the link you provided in the previous message is for YouTube video uploader, (assuming it was supposed to be a link for a YouTube video that shows your TruckersMP), I believe everything is totally fine with your TruckersMP settings (if you still have the video, I'd be more than just happy to be able to have a quick look that everything is correct there). As you've been facing the issue for three months already, you might have done the following solution for several times already, but I'd highly recommend trying to do the following again: 1. First of all, open up TruckersMP and tick the box about the speed limiter (=enable it) and after that, close the game. 2. Then, open up Euro Truck Simulator 2 in single-player and go to enable the speed limiter and once it's enabled, close the game. 3. Open up TruckersMP once again, log into the server of your choice (note that the EU1 is limited to 110 km/h so it might not be the best choice in this case) and try to disable the speed limiter from Euro Truck Simulator 2 as well as from TruckersMP settings. As said, that's probably something you've done for many times already, but there's clearly something wrong with the settings as the speed limiter doesn't stay disabled in TruckersMP. I believe that you've also tried to change the truck during the last 3 months while facing the issue (and it's also pretty unlikely that the issue is caused by your truck as the problem is the speed limiter keeps activating itself over and over in-game settings. However, if you haven't yet, you can also try to change the truck to more powerful one and see if it does something for the issue. Again, I'm looking forward to the video so I can check that everything is alright with your TruckersMP settings as well!
  7. Hello there, @Alfreds_Vietejais! As the first thing, I'd like to know if your problem is only limited to TruckersMP (=it doesn't occur in the single-player). If you're only facing the problem when playing in TruckersMP, there's most likely something wrong with your TruckersMP settings. Perhaps, it would be a good thing if you were able to send us a screenshot (or YouTube video) from your TruckersMP settings which really shows us that you've unticked the box about speed limiter. Ensure one more time that the speed limiter has been unticked from your TruckersMP settings that you can access by clicking on that little settings symbol in the top left corner of the log in screen (or by pressing tab in-game as mentioned already). The following box should be unticked there (In the order you weren't aware of what they meant before - if you were, you can also skip this step...): If the box is unticked and the problem still only occurs in TruckersMP, I'd recommend to try to re-install the whole TruckersMP as the problem is most likely caused by either a wrong setting and "broken" or "corrupted" file that's in your TruckersMP folder. To do so, please do the following: 1. First of all, press the Windows Key + R (Win+R) on your keyboard. 2. Then enter "%programdata%" and press Enter (without the quotes). 3. After that, find a folder called "TruckersMP" and delete that folder. 5. Finally, go to TruckersMP's website, download and install their laucher. Also, have you tried to use another save to test if the problem also occurs there? There's always a little - pretty unlikely though - that the problem is caused by your broken profile (savegame). But as the next thing, I'm expecting to hear if you're facing the problem only in TruckersMP or also in the single-player. I hope that the problem will be resolved as soon as possible!
  8. Hello, Unforunanetely, the only way you can create and get a trailer like the one you showed in the screenshot is to save-edit your profile. If you don't know how to do so, you will need either need to find a savegame that includes a trailer that you want (don't really know if there's any available) or use the trailer generator software linked above (based on my knowledge, there isn't more of similar softwares available at the moment). And as you probably have already noticed, there are only a very few triple trailer modifications available that are also working (and allowed) in the multiplayer. You can, however, always have a look at the community mod sites and try to search for trailer modifications that are supported in the multiplayer (e.g. https://ets2.lt/en/?s=multiplayer&button=). But when downloading mods from the community sites, please read the rules carefully as there's always a little chance that you find a trailer modification that works, but isn't allowed in the multiplayer.
  9. MHT_

    log in

    Hello there, If you're talking about the 6 numbers long authentication code that you will need to give when logging in to your account on TruckersMP website, you've most likely got the two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled. If the 2FA is enabled, you should be able to find the codes from authentication application on your mobile phone or tablet (Google Authenticator, Authy, ...). If you can’t access the authenticator application any longer for whatever reason, you should be able to find the backup codes from your email address. If you don’t find or you’ve lost the backup codes, the only thing you can do is to create a support ticket and wait until you receive an answer there. In the order you need to submit a support ticket before being able to log in to your account, you can submit a support ticket in here: https://truckersmp.com/support. And if you're not really familiar with creating support tickets, you can get assistance from here: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/21.
  10. Hello there, If you want to get a triple trailer for Euro Truck Simulator 2 as easily as possible, I'd recommend you trying the Forerunner's Additional Customisation Modification. You can get that mod and give it a try on Steam workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1692043273&searchtext=forerunner (or download it from Forerunner's own site). It's clearly the easiest way to get a triple trailer, but you can also search for different triple trailer combinations on the community mod sites. However, if you decide to download something from the community mod sites, you should be 100% aware of the trailer customization mods as there's always a little chance that you can be banned by using them. To make things easier for you, you can find the rules you should note under the following spoiler:
  11. Hello there, If you get kicked from the server for whatever reason (e.g. afk kick, kick due to headlights were not enabled, etc), the only way to re-join the server again is to restart TruckersMP. Of course, it would be a lot faster if there was a button for re-joining (or another, 'faster way' to re-join the server without needing to restart the game), but as it could be abused in the order you were kicked by a game moderator (or upper staff member), adding such a function might not be that good idea and thus, we can't expect to see such a function to be added any time soon... But anyway, restarting the game shouldn't take too long (unless the server is full), so I hope you can deal with it.
  12. Hello there, You’re most likely reading this topic because you’re unable to login to your TruckersMP account for whatever reason. This topic is a summary of the basic solutions that you can give a try in order to try to fix the issue. Here's a screenshot of the invalid email or password problem on TruckersMP launcher: If the problem occurs on TruckersMP launcher as well as on the website: If you’re facing the issue on TruckersMP launcher as well as on the website, there’s probably something wrong either with your email address or password. As you’re unable to login to your TruckersMP account on the website, you won’t be able to reset the email address or password that are linked to your TruckersMP account yourself. However, TruckersMP has got its own Support Team that can help you to reset the email address and password that are linked to your account if required. If you can't remember to login details for your TruckersMP account and you want to get help as soon as possible, please send off a support ticket on the support system. If you’re not really familiar with creating support tickets, you can get assistance for it in here. If the problem only occurs on TruckersMP launcher (and you're still able to login to your account by using the website): If your login details don’t work on TruckersMP launcher but you’re still able to login to your account on the website, there shouldn’t be any mistakes (such as a writing mistake) in your login details as you still seem to remember them while logging into the account on the website. So how to fix the issue fix the login issue on TruckersMP launcher? As the first thing, please ensure that you are using the correct Steam account which is indeed connected with your TruckersMP account. If you are unsure if you're using the correct Steam account, you can paste your Steam profile link HERE and you will get information about the TMP profile which is connected to your pasted steam account. You can also paste the link to your TruckersMP profile and you will get information about the connected Steam Account. Furthermore, ensure that the @-symbol is working correctly. It has been a known bug that the @-symbol doesn’t work 'normally' on TruckersMP launcher since the very first day of TruckersMP. If your keyboard has got the so-called 'numpad', you should be able to get the @-symbol with the following code: ALT + numpad 6 + numpad 4 (this method should also work on TruckersMP launcher). If the numpad method didn't work and you're still unable to get the @-symbol, open up a text editor of your choice and write it down there. After that, copy it and paste in-game by pressing CTRL + V. If you’re 100% sure about you’ve written the email address and password without any mistakes, please try the following: 1. First, open up a text editor of your choice (e.g. notepad, notepad++,...). 2. Then, write down the email address as well as the password. 3. After that, copy them (CTRL + C) one-by-one and paste in-game with using the CTRL + V combination. It’s very likely that you can log in without any issues now. If you're still facing the problem (this solution usually works!): If you're still facing the issue, you should try to delete the Steam_api.dll file as it might be corrupted. To do so, please follow these instructions: 1. First, head over to the installation folder of Euro Truck Simulator 2 (or American Truck Simulator). If you don't know how to get to the installation folder of the game on Steam, read the instructions in the following spoiler: 2. Once you’re in the folder where your game files are located in, please delete the folder called "bin". 3. After that, verify the game files. If you’re not fully aware of how to do so, please open up the following spoiler and follow the given instructions: Once you’ve done all the steps, open up the TruckersMP launcher and try if you can finally login to your account. Further solutions: In very rare cases, the problem is caused by having those so-called “special symbols” either on the email address or password. Your email address and password should only include the following character: a-z (or capital letters), 1-9 (and email address should include the @-symbol, of course). If you happen to have other characters than the ones listed above, please log in to your account on the TruckersMP website and go to your profile and choose "Settings". Then select "Account Settings" and you should be able to change the email address or/and password that is linked to your TruckersMP account. If you're unable to login to your account because of the two-factor authenticator: If you have got the two-factor authentication system enabled on your TruckersMP profile, you will need a six numbers long number code that you can get from the authentication application on your mobile phone or tablet (Google Authenticator, Authy,...) in the order to login to your account on the TruckersMP website. If you can’t access the authenticator application any longer for whatever reason, you should be able to find the backup codes from your email address. If you don’t find or you’ve lost the backup codes, the only thing you can do is to create a support ticket and wait until you receive an answer there. If the listed solutions didn’t help you, please contact the support team via the support system or ask for further assistance on the forum (help section) or TruckersMP official Discord server (#support-channel). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This topic was a step-by-step guide for also those who are pretty unfamiliar with the world of computers. If you notice that someone is facing issues with the invalid email or password problem, feel free to link this topic. Also, feel free to message me if you find other potential solutions for this problem so I can come back to this and add the information you've. As the last thing, this topic was created to replace the older similar topic that you can find in the archived section: Have a great day and happy trucking!
  13. Congratulations! Nice to see you back a staff member again, I hope that you will enjoy your time as an event team member again. :)

  14. Hello there, Do you happen to know if you saw the truck either in the singleplayer or multiplayer? If you saw it in the multiplayer, the skin and other lights were most likely from either the base game or the DLCs that you can get for it. As there's a huge selection of all kind of paint jobs, it might take you a while to go through all of the paint jobs that are available for your truck. But if you saw the paint job (or design) in-game yourself, you should also be able to get the paint job as well (if it was a pint job from a DLC, you wouldn't be able to see the paint job if you didn't own the DLC). Also, take a note that some of the paint jobs are only available for certain trucks, so you might need to use save-editing to get the paint job you want for a truck that doesn't have the paint job by default. For further information about it, you can have a look at the topic that has been linked in the previous answer. If you saw the truck only in the single player, the truck was most likely a modification and thus, it can't be used in the multiplayer. There are a few great Mercedes Benz modifications available for Euro Truck Simulator 2, so perhaps you can have a look at the community mod sites (in the order you want to use the truck you want in the singleplayer). As a person who owns every single DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2, I've never seen any similar paint job (or design)...So if you manage to see the kind of design you're looking for again in-game again, please send a screenshot or a video of it in here so we can probably give you further assistance.
  15. I bet that sending a server request is now much more comfortable than it was before - for example, people don't need to choose the category (game management, event management, etc.) any longer and thus, they can always be sure that the right people see the server request. After having a quick look at the new server request system, everything looks really clear and simple to use so I bet dealing the server requests will be much faster in the future. It's always great to see how skilled the web developers of TruckersMP are...
  16. Again, the problem you're facing shouldn't affect your multiplayer experience in any way, just click on 'continue' (or somethig similar) and you should be able to connect the TruckersMP server of your wish without any issues. That your World Of Trucks and TruckersMP password are the same is not the likely reason for the problem you're facing. As the problem clearly is on World Of Truck's side, perhaps contacting their support would be the best solution at this point. If you feel like that getting help in German would be more comfortable for you (and if you didn't fully understand what I said), I highly recommend you asking for further assistan in the German help section that you can find in here: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/216-hilfe/
  17. Hello there, The problem you're facing seems to be on World Of Trucks' side. Even though you click the button and continue in "offline mode", you will be still able to play in TruckersMP (= you will still be able to play in the multiplayer) as you're only offline from World Of Trucks. To make things more clear, World Of Trucks are two different things. TruckersMP is a multiplayer modification for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator while World Of Trucks is owned by SCS Software. Because of that, the details of your TruckersMP account won't work on the World Of Truck related issues (in the case you're trying to enter your TruckersMP email address and password there). So, if you don't mind about not being connected to World Of Trucks, you can just press continue and play in TruckersMP. So how does not being connected to World Of Trucks affect then? If you're not connected to World Of Trucks, you won't be able to pick up those so-called external contacts (or deliver contacts for the current WOT event). If you still want to connect to World Of Trucks, you should remember the log in details you've on this site: https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/. If you don't remember them for whatever reason, you can always go ahead and try to contact their support by sending an email about the problem to the following email address: [email protected] As this is a problem that isn't related to TruckersMP at all, trying to get help from the World Of Trucks support would be the best solution in this case (at least in my opinion).
  18. I personally like how SCS (among with World Of Trucks) is regularly organizing events for Euro Truck Simulator 2 as well as for American Truck Simulator. As delivering normal contracts might be a little boring for some of the players at times, kind of events give them a reason to play some more ETS2 and ATS as well. Of course, it would be nice if the rewards were a little better as the skins and interior models and pennants are something not so many players - neither do I - use. On the other hand, we can't always expect to get plenty of awesome stuff as SCS is already putting most of their effort for making new map expansions, truck models, trailer types, etc. The events are indeed fun and give us a 'real reason' to play some more truck simulations, but it also supports SCS as many people might buy the missing DLCs during the events (especially if the event has pickup or dropoff points in a DLC area). One truck family as an event has been one of my favourites. I really love how much effort SCS has put into the event trailers this time to make them pretty realistic; we have ten different trailers and all of them has something unique. I've already completed the first part of the event which was to deliver the trailers from the given locations. As already mentioned, I was slightly disappointed with the rewards, though. I mainly completed the event in the singleplayer as especially the beginning of the event was extremely busy (Paris and Bratislava) in the multiplayer. However, as Ancona was in the DLC area (and pretty far from the pickup points), it was much quieter in the multiplayer as well and thus, I managed to complete the last two contracts in the multiplayer without being flipped over. But overall, the event was pretty good in my opinion. Other than the rewards that I won't probably ever use, the event was fun to complete. I hope to see more of this kind of events in the future as well.
  19. Today was yet another day for me that passed extremely fast. It was really nice to have some nice discussions with multiple people from this community after being away for a while. And even though today was Monday (a pretty good one, at least for me :rolleyes:), I hope that everyone had a great April Fool's Day (and for those who live in a time zone where it only is a morning/day, I hope that you will have a great one)! As I didn't have that much time to play Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator today, I'll just share one screenshot that I picked up from my Steam profile. But now, I'll head into the bed so goodnight everyone! ^_^


  20. Hello there, You can also get a triple trailer with Forerunner's mod (it also works in the multiplayer). You can get the mod here (or search for it on Steam workshop): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1692043273&searchtext=Forerunner. Also as already mentioned, you should still remember to follow the rules. It's always better to ask whether the combo is allowed or not.
  21. First of all, I want to wish everyone a great weekend! ^_^

    Since I've now completed all 10 contacts for the latest World Of Truck event, I'll share a screenshot of the last delivery I did for the event: 


  22. To get Finland, you only need to get the Beyond Baltic Sea DLC as like Asir linked. Other DLCs such as Scandinavia and Going East DLC are not required to have access to Finland as there's a ferry connection between Travemünde, Germany and Helsinki, Finland. So basically, the only DLC you need to get is the Beyond The Baltic Sea one.
  23. MHT_

    headlights at 4 pm

    That warning/kick system which warns and after 15 seconds kicks you if you don't have your headlights on was set back when the winter mod was released for Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer some months ago. While using the winter mod - especially in the northern part of the map - it starts to get dark at 4 pm (as like in the real life as well) and thus, having the warning/kick system about the headlights is actually necessary since "ghost drivers" might be pretty dangerous if you don't pay 100% attention while playing. As said, it's something that doesn't have the number one priority in the developing progress (the most important thing is to keep TruckersMP supporting the newest version of ETS2 as well as ATS, of course). It will be removed as soon as a developer who is developing the client of TruckersMP has time to do so. The only thing you can do at the moment is just to wait for the upcoming updates and hope it will be removed. And as the last thing, I'd advice you to have the headlights on all time while playing in TruckersMP. It only doesn't give you more safety while driving but it also is a law in some European counties (if we look at this topic from the "realism side"). As I pretty much always have my headlights on, I've never had any issues with that "error message".
  24. Hello there, You should be able to mute people from TruckersMP settings as well. When you're in TruckersMP settings page (using the so-called tab menu, for example), first head over to the "Sound" tab and then find an option called "Voice". If you drag that option to the left, you shouldn't hear anything on the CD radio anymore.
  25. ^ As a little add for the previous answers: Game Moderator is probably the most "wanted" role among this community and thus, there are also a huge amount of applications for that role. As long as the status of you isn't declined, you've got at least a little chance to join the team. As mentioned, you won't be forgotten, you just need to be patient - that's the only thing you can do while waiting for the response about your application. And as the last thing, it's totally understandable if you're a "little excited" with the application (= you want to get a response on your application as soon as possible).
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