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  1. Thank you for the follow me :love:

  2. Thank you for the follow me:LUL:

  3. Happy birthday MHT! ?

  4. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day! ❤️

  5. Happy Birthday! :)

  6. Happy Birthday ? :love: 

  7. Happy Birthday.

  8. Happy Birthday!??

  9. Cowie

    Cowie    MHT_

    Happy Birthday to my old team leader! ❤️

  10. Happy Birthday MHT ??

  11. Had a great trip to the northernmost part of Europe while discovering ProMods! ^_^




  12. Aura.

    Aura.    MHT_

    Thank you for the follow! ?

  13. 29/09/2019



    The 29/09 is one of my favorite day. Today, I celebrate my 1 Year in the TruckersMP Staff Team. 1 year ago, I joined the team as a Trial Support and accomplished my dream to join the staff team of a beautiful community and of my favorite community.


    Today, I am a Game Moderator, the role I always wanted to be, be a Game Moderator on the multiplayer of my favorite game. 


    Today, I still enjoy my place within this team and enjoy my role and I will stay in this team as long as I possible ❤️ .





  14. Had a great first impression of this new beauty!







  15. Someone hacked me and removed my profile picture 

  16. Cowie

    Cowie    MHT_

    Thanks for the follow, it means so much!

  17. Thank you for the follow! :wub:

  18. T.E.M

    T.E.M    MHT_

    thank you for following :)


  19. First of all, I hope that everyone's having a great weekend so far. And as it's June now, I'd also like to wish everyone a great LGBT Pride Month. It was nice to notice that TruckersMP supports the LGBT this year as well! Anyway, it's time to say 'good night' as I'm about to head into the bed soon. For others who aren't going to bed any time soon, have a great rest of the day! ^_^


  20. thanks for the follow

  21. Good Morning TruckersMP :wub:


  22. Hello, how are you all doing?


  23. Thank you very much for your Follow! Enjoying your Weekend! :mlg_doge:

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