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  1. Is this profile even alive?

  2. I now have a telemetry app which tells me exactly how many kilometers I have left on range. When I see the lights of fuel running out (the game notifies you), I inmediately zoom out in the map and look whether I can reach my destination or the nearest gas station on my own power. Fortunately, I've never been in the situation of running out of fuel. Well, to be honest, I did run out of fuel once, when I was learning about the game.
  3. Let me congratulate you. I plan to build one of these soon as well. The enclosures will have to be made out of scrap wood though, as I don't own a 3D printer.
  4. I used to dislike the car, but after its redesign, it has a much worse engine, gear ratios, and stability, I dislike it even more. If you wouldn't like to fall in desperation and hopelessness, as well as don't want to crash as often as you breathe, spend twice as much and buy a truck.
  5. Although ATS has beautiful graphics, the ETS2 map is better built in my opinion. Also, regarding TMP, it has the biggest population.
  6. I use this configuration. Notice that I use a G27 instead, but the FFB is almost exactly the same in both wheels. This configuration prevents wheel rattling, as well as gives a lot of information about changes in the road without throwing your steering precision all over the place.
  7. Some of my reports have been looked at. I occasionally have luck reporting a player and getting the report accepted right away. But the little amount of times this happens, versus the amount of reports I make ingame, led me to report every single trip I make. For instance, yesterday I uploaded 4 different reports in a single video. I won't post a link for your own visual safety (I run on Intel HD Graphics).
  8. In an old profile I used to have trucks with millions of kilometers in their engines. I particularly remember driving a Renault Magnum with about 6,4 million kilometers. Sadly, that profile got corrupted and unusable due to me messing with mods. But right now, I have a total driven distance of about 540,000 kilometers.
  9. I started playing Euro Truck Simulator (the first one) at the age of 9. I used to play racing games before (the first one I played seriously being Colin Mcrae Rally 2.0), but Euro Truck Simulator really grabbed my interest. It did because of the (somewhat) realistic experience of driving normally. Although I firstly considered it as a rest of driving at racing speeds, I started to love delivering things. When I discovered TruckersMP (which at the time was called Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer, because ATS didn't even exist back then), Euro Truck Simulator 2 inmediately became my favorite game, and it's still just that.
  10. I take it as a double-edged sword. For one, I hate not being able to complete serious jobs that demand going anywhere near Calais, Duisburg or that chaotic secondary road in between, without resigning to receive damage in the process. That's why I started using quick save and load. But now I occasionally just go there with one goal: to get out of there in one piece. It feels somewhat satisfying to be able to dodge all of the trolls and unpredictable drivers who come from all directions. And this also helps me improve my driving in real life. Myself, I kind of love it in some aspects, and hate it in others. However, I do understand the community's perspective in that the actual amount of people concentrated in that route makes for a deadly and unpleasant experience, especially in a trucking simulator. Even after all of this, my conclusion is I think people should really start exploring other parts of the map. Even the base map has some pretty interesting secondary roads that would be more than worth being explored: some challenging (such as the one connecting Zurich and Milano), some relaxing (such as the one near Dijon), and some outright bonkers (such as the one I'm looking for right now).
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