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  1. I do find this game amusing sometimes people are always complaining about Rotterdam (and surroundings) being busy etc so why do you even go there take jobs that stay away from the troubled areas or go thee during off peak hours

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    2. Dave


      A couple of months back I was going through EP and ended up stuck in a gridlock that was on both sides from the turn leading to EP from the tunnel outside Rotterdam and from EP up to that turn, it took 40+ minutes to get through it - bloody loved it man haha, it was a sight to see.

    3. Shaddaz


      if you was happy with that *thumbs up* personally my system would cry so I have to avoid the area 90% of the time 1500 players on the server I no its going to be bad there 200 players on I just have to stay the hell away

    4. Shaddaz


      2000 players8

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