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  1. banned because you forgot to put in your nickname Opel
  2. you have better internet, but multiplayer games don't exist anymore I want a car
  3. i agreez with the mustang hooman
  4. banned because you both banned yourselves for pretty much the same reason
  5. probably not gonna happen because the truck dealers don't want to give the licenses for the old trucks just for the new ones for some reason
  6. banned because i don't know the classified reasons
  7. With A desire i wanted to inform you ladies and gentleman that the season for  Jokes from Averazons Stream is open :troll:

  8. banned because you didn't deliver your pet food in time aswell
  9. you believe in life after love but you don't believe in life after death I want my pet food
  10. banned because you dont understand these weird letters
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