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  1. If you didnt realize the Cat Trans Grand Opening is tommorow so apply here if you want to come 

  2. Time To Work on a YT Video Advertisement Project

  3. No matter whats the weather you need to keep going
    -A Cat in a Truck

  4. Another day of working on Cat Trans 

  5. I would even decrease it to 60 since when players will all go just 60 no one will overtake and no accidents will be caused by some guy that doesn't know how the traffic works
  6. i wouldn't say it's a small car but k
  7. Making Photos for my VTC so if anyone wants to help me just DM me on Discord Le Cat#7204

  8. i will say Ford Focus ST Mk2
  9. Finally the first skin has arrived that means no VTC skin memes @Averazon

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