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  1. Yes it did. Thanks for helping me
  2. I know! But you are aren't helping me when Iam trying to get jobs with double or triple trailers outside of scandinavia. Like, Im getting freight market jobs only for scandinavia when having a double trailer. What I want, is jobs also with double outside of scandinavia. Like, Paris to Oslo. Like the entire Europe.
  3. I have the scandinavia DLC, plus, I saw players in multiplayer having doubles in Calais, even triples. So it is possibles. I am just trying to know how they do so I could do the same.
  4. Yes I do. I tried anything to get job in the freight market with double, like as I said, getting jobs with it in the entire Europe, not online in Scandinavia.
  5. How can use a double trailer and get the ability to have jobs outside of Scandinavia? Like, job with double from Paris to Warsaw?
  6. Alright, I have done it but I wanna know how can I get jobs now? Like for exemples, Paris to Oslo with a double of course. How can I do that?
  7. Restriction only on red marked on the picture below. And actually, they are allowed since more players been seen with double trailers, EVEN with triple trailers.
  8. Hello, Im asking for helps how can we gets a double trailers with jobs in Europe? Like Paris, Calais etc... I did tried the mod "Forerunner" but can't get jobs in the market. Thanks for answers.
  9. Bonjour, bonsoir. J'utilise le logiciel et il fonctionne à merveille. Est-il possible d'utiliser des doubles-remorques et savoir quel types de remorques aurions nous ? Car ce n'est pas très aidable quand on voit leurs "ID" si ça s'appelle comme ça :/
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