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  1. Not sure about my OS. Quite dum in the section. Don't really know what it is?
  2. And it doesn't matter if I need to use that account instead of the other one where mp does not work
  3. Okay, but if have another computer we're it work on, can I then transfer files from that computer to the one that's not working? Cause on my other PC, truckerMP, is fully functional??
  4. Safe mode? And when you are saying new user account, then you think about new Microsoft account, right? Not a new ets account?
  5. What if i dont have any folder named ETS2MP under documents?
  6. I don't know what's going on. None of these options worked. Even tho i tried them several times. But thanks for your help. Really don't know what to do. Maybe the last option is to reset my pc?
  7. Already tried that. Unfortunately
  8. Still doesn't work. Tried every option you have me but nothing changes. But thank you for your help. Just showing following message: An application fatal error! Do you want to send crash.log file to developers So any ideas for next step Does not work for me unfortunately, so do not know what I can do. Shall I reset my pc? Any other options?
  9. Hey everyone Got the problem that I can't play truckersmp (ets2 multiplayer). Wondering if it's a new update, or what it is? So if I need do downgrade the game itself, how, and down to which version. When I try to launch it, it's just show "FATAL ERROR". NOT ANY CODES. Hope someone can help, and happy driving!!
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